Year 5 Update

We are really enjoying our Butter Finger topic and the children have been very interested in finding out about Cricket and The Caribbean.  The children have also had the chance to write a biography on a sports star of their choice.  We have been so pleased with their efforts in researching and writing these biographies and we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading these when you have the chance. Our cams day is fast approaching – Thursday 10th May – please ensure your child has a shoe box in school for next week.

Our recent science lessons have involved unpicking the lifecycle of a plant and dissecting a flower to understand the process of reproduction in some plants. The children have also begun planting their plants in preparation to sell at the market in a couple of weeks, which they are very excited for.

Following the success of the new Year 5 behaviour policy and especially the tally system, we have decided to celebrate the children’s good behaviour at lunch times by adding an extra tally making a total of six per day.

We have a few exciting dates to look forward to this term.  The children are having the chance to visit Brighton Hill to experience a Secondary School in action on Thursday 28th June (please inform the office of any other taster days your child may be attending);  our Green Fingers Market, a chance to look at your child’s book and potentially buy the plant that they have grown, will be held on Friday 25th May; finally, of course our Butser Trip on Thursday 14th June (please remember to complete the form and hand in as soon as possible).


We hope you enjoy the sunny bank holiday weekend.

The Year 5 Team

What’s New in Year 6 Summer Term?

Maya-Inspired Chilli 

Thank you so much for the ingredients which the children brought in to make their chilli con carnes. They loved making these and were very impressed with the final result!

Firstly, the children prepared their ingredients by opening cans, chopping their vegetables and grating their cheese.

The next step was to cook the meat; Mrs Jones taught the children how to cook mince by browning it. Following this, they added their ingredients – most groups used onions, beans and vegetables. It was nice to see some original recipes such as adding spinach or sweet potato.

The children had these for lunch accompanied with rice, tortilla crisps and any other garnishes which they brought in. The teachers enjoyed sampling some of the children’s creations!

Hopefully, the children had lots of positive comments about their design and technology experience – many were keen to try out their recipes at home and you may even get a night off from cooking soon!


New Project! – ‘What a Shock!’

We started our new project this year with an exciting lesson programming a teacher robot to make a jam sandwich using precise algorithms. Additionally, we have been creating robot-inspired poetry in English lessons as well as studying the artist Eric Joyner. We’ll update you more about this project soon!


Reminders and Messages:

  • Please return the SATs breakfast club letter to let us know either way as to whether your child is coming
  • Return the Winchester Cathedral letter
  • A letter about June’s Bikeability will be coming home in the coming weeks
  • SATs revision – get your child to prioritise the areas where they are feeling less confident
  • Windmill Hill DVDs will be on their way to you soon!

What an exciting adventure for Year 2!

Our Pirate Adventure
Last Tuesday the children were welcomed into school by Captain Boyle, Captain Burgess and Captain Rosso. The classrooms were changed into pirate ships for the children to start their adventure on the high seas, luckily no-one felt sea sick! The children enjoyed transforming themselves into pirates by making hats, parrots, eye patches and cutlasses. Then we had an exciting treasure hunt where the children solved maths challenges to gain treasure. The morning ended with a challenge between the teachers to win the treasure but the children decided sharing is best!

End of Year Assessments

As we explained in our recent newsletter, during May your children will be taking part in their end of Key Stage 1 assessments which contribute to our end of year teacher judgement of your child’s attainment. These are in reading and maths and will be integrated into the children’s normal class work. We explain to the children that they are completing special booklets that help their teachers to identify their next steps in learning. We do not refer to these as tests in any way so children do not become anxious. Therefore we ask you to support us with this approach.

School Trip 

We are looking forward to our school trip on Wednesday 6th June to Portsmouth Cathedral. We will require lots of parent helpers for this trip to go ahead so ask you to let your child’s class teacher know ASAP if you can help. Please remember you will need to have a school DBS in place. If we have too many offers we will draw names out of a hat. Thank you in advance.

Thank you

Year 2 Team







It’s all about plants!

Year 1 have been having great fun this week exploring and learning about the different trees and flowers in our school grounds. They were able to name trees such as Birch, Beech and Willow and even spotted some flowers such as Buebells and Forget-me-not’s. We have also been learning about Henri Rousseau and looked at his painting ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm.’ The children enjoyed creating their own version using collage materials. Can you spot the animals hiding?


In maths this week, we have been exploring 2d and 3d shapes. Maybe quiz your children on the names of them and whether they can describe any shapes they see around them?

The children have also begun their DT project, where they are learning to sew. Today we spent the afternoon learning an overcast and blanket stitch. They did brilliantly and are looking forward to using their new skills to help them make a gardening bag to carry seeds.

Year 1 Team

Year R update

We had a really great start to the Summer term. We have launched our What An Adventure topic and the children are busy choosing where they want to go on adventures. In writing we watched a clip from Up and saw Mr Fredricksen make his house fly. We talked about where he could go and thought of interesting words to describe these places. We then wrote our own descriptions of different settings using interesting words. Here are some examples of our writing. Next week we are off to the Jungle……I wonder what we will explore…..Challenges for children in school during discovery time are….

School class photos on Tuesday 1st May. Please send your child in school uniform with their PE kit in a bag just for this week only.

Wednesday 2nd May: The year r playground is being re painted which is really exciting. There will be no access in the afternoon to pick up your children from the class. Please follow the signs to guide you – Parrots will come out of the music room entrance, Puffins and Penguins will come out of the small hall doors.

Please ensure your child has a water bottle, sun hat and a coat everyday, just in case it rains!

Windmill Hill DVD Reminder



If you would like to purchase a video of the children’s 5-day residential trip to Windmill Hill, then please send in the reply slip with £5 by this Friday – 27th April. The video is over 15 minutes long and features all aspects of the week.

These will be distributed in the next couple of weeks!

Year 3 Update

What a cracking term the Spring term was! We were so proud of the children and all of their hard work throughout the term and especially in the Easter Production. We hope you all had a wonderful and restful Easter holiday.

We have begun the summer term with a bang and are really pleased that the sun has finally come out to join us. This term we are learning about plants in Science and the New Forest in Geography. This will inform our learning through our Art and English too.

The children are already enthusiastic about plants, and this week we have planted seeds, looked at the way the plants in the school grounds are changing, and dissected daffodils to help identify different parts. They are also thinking about the different conditions that plants need to grow successfully. We certainly have some budding gardeners in our year group!

During the Spring term , Year 3 were hugely fortunate to be treated to some fantastic Music workshops arranged by Mrs Chapman, this term we still have an International Music Workshop to look forward to.  The children have listened to a huge variety of music through history, and have taken part in some fabulous dancing too.

As the weather becomes warmer, we would ask that you ensure your child comes to school with a water bottle, a hat and that you put sun cream on them in the morning. We love learning outside!

This term our PE days are Monday and Wednesday (3H and 3B) and Thursday (3C). Please ensure that you remind your child to bring their PE kit on a Monday if they take it home on a Friday.

We are planning to take the children on a school trip in July, we are still in the process of arranging this, but a letter will be sent home soon with all the information that you will need. Thank you again for your continued support, we are all looking forward to a fabulous summer term!


The Year 3 Team

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Summer term in Year 1!

The children have settled well into their new project this term, A Gardener’s World! They have started to learn about living and non-living things around them in Science and we’ll continue this over the next few weeks through looking at plants.

In English this week, the children have found out about Percy the Park Keeper and have written a character description about him. They enjoyed writing their own letters to Percy; describing themselves, explaining how they looked and their likes and dislikes.


In maths, we have been developing our understanding of addition and subtraction, using multi-link and number lines to help us solve calculations. Next week, we will be continuing the ideas learnt this week when we practise our number bonds to 10 and 20.

Thank you for all the homework which has been returned this week and for all your support in helping your child to complete this. If you have any questions regarding homework, please come and talk with us.

The Year 1 Team (Mrs Carter, Mrs Hearn, Miss Jamieson)

Year 2 – Welcome Back

What a super first week back! We would like to start by saying a big thank you for all the children’s homework. They enjoyed sharing facts about the different animals they had researched. We have displayed their super work and look forward to learning more about ‘Nocturnal Animals’ through our English work.

This week in Maths we have been using inverse calculations to check our answers and also help us to find missing numbers.


We also started on our D&T puppet project. The first part of the design process is to learn  some skills needed to make our puppets. We completed a running stitch to decorate a book mark. This skill will then be used to attach the fabric of our puppets. 2S enjoyed sewing in the shade of the gazebo.

We are looking forward to continuing with our pirate adventure writing in English next week with a special morning. Watch this space for Year 2’s adventures aboard ‘Ye Old Jolly Roger’ …………..


Year 2 Team


Welcome Back!

We hope that you are rested after a good Easter Holiday. Our topic of Prancing Piranhas has got off to a swimmingly brilliant start. We have read the first few chapters of the Boy Who Swam with Piranhas and have been introduced to Stan, Uncle Ernie and Auntie Annie.

We have jumped straight into the deep end, by making a variety of moving fish toys. 4G have also made some colourful name plaques and will later be using these skills to design Uncle Ernie a logo for Pott’s Perfect Pilchards. 4T have made a start to making their moving diorama boxes, which we will be continuing through to next week. 4C have been designing soup cans in the style of Andy Warhol, thinking up some very creative varieties of soup.


Next week, we will be making a model of the digestive system and continuing with our gym sessions, from Monday. So please make sure that children have their PE kits in on Monday morning and leave them in the classroom all week.

Enjoy the good weather this weekend,

The Year 4 Team

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