Fantastic First Term!

Wow – what a busy first half term that was! The children have been so enthusiastic about learning and have gained so much knowledge about the rivers and the Amazon rainforest. Thank you to all the children for their hard work and parents for being so supportive. We are already looking forward to another exciting project after half term.

River Project Homework

We are hoping that most children have started their river project homework which went home a couple of weeks ago. It’s important to remember that children should be using books and the internet to research their river and then putting this information into their own words rather than the information being copied and pasted from the internet. Final projects can be handwritten or generated on a computer; some children may want to use a mixture of both. If you are using a computer, please print your project. We look forward to sharing these river projects with our classes after half term.


This half term, our science unit has been about classifying living things. We began by learning about what a living thing constitutes as by learning the pneumonic ‘MRS GREN’ with each letter representing one of the seven life processes. The children learned about how both plants and animals do these life processes in different ways. Following on from this, the children then looked at the classification of animals in more detail by finding out the main groups of vertebrate and invertebrate. They identified differences such as appearance, how they produce offspring and their skin. For example, they learned that one type of vertebrate (an animal with a backbone) is an amphibian – these animals have moist skin, lay jelly eggs and are cold-blooded.

For our final lesson of the unit, we studied the classification of leaves and had great fun exploring the school grounds looking for a variety of different leaves. We brought them back to the classroom and studied them in more detail looking at their: edges, vein structure, shape, size, colour and texture. The children worked in groups to identify the differences and sorted 8 of their chosen leaves by creating a sorting tree with relevant questions.

Never too old to be throwing Autumn leaves in the air!

Imogen, Jacob, Will C, Katie, Louis and Eliza from 6G worked hard as a group to think of different ways to classify the leaves they had collected.

Supporting our Parents

This term, a few parents have mentioned that they would benefit from some support in either their own subject knowledge or ways in which they can support their child at home. The year 6 team are looking to run some workshops specifically aimed at year 6 parents to meet these needs. We would like your help as we need to know what you would benefit from; for example – understanding how long division works or helping your child with their SPaG homework. Please email with your ideas – be as specific as you can and once we have enough feedback, we will decide on the most beneficial workshops to run and start to plan these.

Have a great half term and see you next week.

Year 6 team.




The End of The Stone Age! 20.10.17

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a wonderful start to Year 3 we have had! The children have been a delight to teach and so engaged in their learning.

This week marks the end of the Stone Age as we will be moving on to the Iron Age next half term.

We have had a lot of great lessons learning all about Diwali this week. It has been lovely to hear first-hand from our Hindu followers how they celebrate.

In Science, we learned about the process of fossilisation. Please ask your child all about sedimentary layers of rock forming over a dead sea creature to form a fossil. We brought this process to life in the classroom with slices of bread and foam sweets. Do check your child’s book bag as many students have brought them home to share their learning with you: they won’t be pleasant in a week’s time!

Homework for half-term allows for creativity. The instructions are attached. This is due in on Tuesday, 7th November. We will be sharing their homework with the whole of Year 3 on Thursday (09.11.17) morning at 9:05 in the main hall. You are all very welcome to join us and this will be an opportunity to watch their dance videos too.

We hope you all have a restful, safe and happy half-term and look forward to seeing all the children on the 30th October.

The Year 3 Team.

A mold fossil we made today.

Half term Homework

Happy Half Term

What a busy half term we have had in Year 4. We have had a lot of fun learning about the UK, its capital cities and its landmarks. This afternoon we finished the half term by holding a Year 4 fete in the small hall. We tasted the bread that we made, listened to a traditional story and enjoyed some country dancing. 

Please remember that the children have some homework to tell the class about the life in Ancient Egypt. It can be as elaborate or simple as you would like, as long as it tells us  about life in Ancient Egypt.

Have a safe and happy half term.

Year 4 Teachers

Year 2 – Update

Year Group News

What a busy half term we have had in Year 2! We are so pleased with how quickly the children settled into the routines of Year 2 and have been working extremely hard. It was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening and share all of their work so far.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Spiers good luck as she begins her maternity leave and we look forward to meeting her new addition in November. 2S are looking forward to welcoming Miss Cameron to join their class on Thursday and Friday. She has meet the children several times and spent time getting to know them over the last two weeks.

Congratulations to 2R who won Mr Applegate’s ‘Tidiest Classroom Award’ along with 3C before parents evening this week; he has rewarded them with a small chocolate treat to bring home.

Enjoy your break, after all the hard work this half term.

Year 2 Team




Wow! Year R are fantastic!

We are coming to the end of the first half term and the children have settled well into school. They have learnt their routines and know how each day works. The children have made fantastic progress with their phonics and after half term we will move into smaller groups working across the year to suit different abilities.

Over half term we are asking that you continue to practise their sounds, visit the library and share stories. Please help your children to count and recognise their numbers! We have sent home a letter asking the children to go on an Autumn walk and collect different objects. Can they bring these in on the first Monday back to school as we will be using them for activities.

We say goodbye to Miss Dillon today. She has been working in Parrots. We wish her luck as she starts a new adventure. After half term we welcome Mrs Elliott to Parrots as our LSA – I’m sure you will make her feel very welcome.

Well done everyone for a fabulous half term. We look forward to seeing you refreshed and ready for lots more fun learning!

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Tickle, Mrs Baird and Miss Pett

Year 5 News

Parents Evening

It was lovely to meet so many of you at parents evening. Mrs Poole sends her apologies for the cancelled appointments from Monday 16th October and will catch up with those parents after half term.

Yellowstone National Park

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Yellowstone National Park in English. They’ve written the most amazing persuasive leaflets about the destination. Look out for these – copies are coming home soon for you to give feedback!

Half Term Homework 

Please see the half term homework project details attached below. Projects are due in on Friday 3rd November. We can’t wait to see the children’s creations (and maybe taste some too).

In Art, the children have been creating North American weaves. They’ve thoroughly enjoyed building their frame using sticks from the school grounds and then creating patterns with coloured wool. Here are a few examples.


Wishing all the children a restful and enjoyable half term,


The Year 5 Team

Year 6 News

We’ve settled back into learning  after an extremely exciting time at Windmill Hill. We hope you have caught up with the washing! We’ll be giving out certificates this week for their achievements whilst they were there.


We have been so impressed with the children’s writing this week; they have been creating a report about the layers of the Amazon rainforest with a focus on using different grammatical structures and advanced punctuation.


This week we have been printing with Amazon leaf designs that the children made – we have added these to the children’s Georgia O’Keeffe work. How stunning is our rainforest art display?


The children should have now brought home their first two pieces of homework – it was lovely to see such a positive attitude to homework with many completing it that night because they were so eager! A reminder:

  • Maths goes out on a Friday due in the following Friday
  • Grammar goes out on a Wednesday due in the following Wednesday

We recommend that children have a go at their homework over the first couple of days and bring it in if they need further support.


Year 6 Team



Cave Art in Year 3

Let the cave painting commence!

Last week the children completed their Stone Age adventure stories based on the book Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. In our Art lesson we learned about cave paintings that have been discovered around the world and had a go at our own in our sketch books.

This week, our cave artists will all have a go at painting the walls with their prehistoric images.

In Maths we are developing our confidence with our multiplication before moving onto looking at strategies for division. Please keep on practising the tables at home.

We look forward to seeing you at Parents’ Evening on Thursday this week, and Monday and Wednesday next week.

Many thanks for your continued support,
The Year 3 Team

Year 5 News


In PSHE, the children have been exploring their community. They have been learning about the differences between central government funded and local government funded amenities. This has been followed by some Maths work, where the children had to prioritise what they thought money should be spent on. It turns out, our children are very passionate about war memorials! Another lesson involved creating art work pieces to represent favourite places within Basingstoke. Below are just a few examples of the beautiful work created.

Staff News

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Poole is expecting her first child – due February 2018. Mr Applegate is already working on finding a replacement teacher so that there will be a smooth transition for all involved.


Please ensure your child has a named water bottle and coat with them every day.

The Year 5 Team

Year 4 Update

In the last couple of weeks, Year 4 have been very busy learning all about Edinburgh Castle. There has been some fantastic descriptive writing using lots of exciting words, which many of the children are very proud of. They can’t wait for you all to read it at parents evenings.

During foundation subject session, we have had the opportunity to do some rapping in music, numbers and days of the week in French, and learnt and choreographed Irish and Country Dancing.

Just a quick note, if your child has music lessons please make sure that their instruments are clearly labelled with their full name and class. We have had some confusion over instruments and as there are many around the school, a name and class would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thank you for your co-operation.

The Year 4 Team

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