Windmill Hill update

The children had a lovely walk at Seven Sisters Country Park (and it had stopped raining!). They all took part in a river quiz to earn their first points for their cabins.  They are on now on a tour of the site, then dinner and a campfire.

Windmill Hill Reminders

The year 6 children left very excited this afternoon about their up and coming trip to Windmill Hill next week!

Here are a few reminders for parents:
– Please ensure you bring all medication with you Monday morning with the child’s name on. We will be taking in all medication and checking doses against the children’s medical forms.
– The children may bring £5 with them in a labelled wallet. Please ensure that it is the exact amount.
– No electronics, snacks or deodorants.
– The children will need a packed lunch in a carrier bag for our stop en route at Seven Sister’s Country Park.
– The children will need to wear sensible shoes and clothing on Monday as we will be walking on rough terrain (and potentially in wet conditions) during our stop – proper trainers or walking boots and a rain jacket are essential.
– Your children need to arrive at school at the normal time on Monday. Please go to the year 6 area on 6P’s side. Miss Goddard will be greeting you and directing you to where you need to go.  This is a busy time so you may want to allow for a longer drop off than usual.
– We advise that you label as many of their belongings as possible as after 5 days of sharing a room with 5 others, things can often get mixed up and we wouldn’t want them coming home with any less (or more!) than they came with.
– The children are allowed disposable cameras however this is not essential as we will be taking lots of photos if your child has photo permission.

When we are at Windmill Hill, we will aim to give you a daily update with photos to keep you in the loop about all the fun we are having!

Many thanks and see you Monday,

Year 6 team.


Marvellous Me – Year R

The children are settling into school life and all the routines. We have met our Year 6 buddies and had story time with them. Today our buddies took us to Harvest worship and played during playtime. We have made hedgehog bread to take to Harvest and look forward to sharing this with our friends and family. The children have now all read twice this week and are getting into the routines of their library day.

Please remember to send a coat everyday even if it is sunny. We do have a couple of spare coats but not enough for everyone.

PE: Please send your child dressed in PE kit on Tuesdays with their school uniform in a named bag. Check everything is clearly named. Can you ensure their is a name on the outside of the PE bag somewhere as the children cannot find their own bag if they have to look inside and find the label.

Top Tip of the week: Put a sticker on your child’s learning log and water bottle so they can recognise their own one.

Have a good weekend.

Welcome to Year 1

What a great start to Year 1 we have all had!

The children are settling in really well and starting to adjust to their new routines.  It was great to see so many of you at the Curriculum Evening and we hope it was helpful.

The children are enjoying our current topic, “We’re going on an animal hunt”. So far we have explored different animals and their features and the children are very excited to see if any animals come to live in their den.

In English, they have had great fun retelling the stories of The Hungry Caterpillar and The Enormous Turnip. In Maths, we have been finding one more and one less and we compared and measured the lengths of different vegetables.  Our artist of the moment is Sean Taylor and the children loved creating their own versions of his artwork using paper plates and the technique of “wax resist”.

Look at our wonderful seascapes!

Year 5 Update

Welcome to Year 5

What a lovely start to the new school year, the children in Year 5 have made. They have settled well into their new classes, making many new friends and re-establishing friendships from Year 4.

In English, the children have thoroughly enjoyed using drama to enrich their understanding of North American animals. These are the main characters we’ve been reading about in traditional stories, which portray many different morals. Next week, the children will be applying their learning in order to plan and write their own animal fables.

The maths focus over the last two weeks has been on securing the use of formal written methods for addition and subtraction. The children have also been expanding their place value knowledge up to one million and then applying this to multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

How can you help?

The children are writing a spelling sentence in their learning logs each week to support them in securing various spelling rules being taught in class. Please encourage your child to practise these at home.

MyMaths and Bug Club are up and running alongside the children’s weekly maths homework.

Mrs Poole, Mrs Happy & Miss Cox

Man on the Moon

What an exciting start to the year we have had! We are pleased with how well the children are settling into their new classes and learning the new routines.

The children are enjoying our topic about Neil Armstrong and have learnt lots of amazing facts about the Moon landing already. They have begun to develop their paper and paste skills by making planets and will soon be working on paper and paste rockets. With this in mind please can each child bring in a two litre or similar sized plastic bottle by Friday 29th September.

A couple of reminders:

  • Homework will come home on Friday 22nd September.
  • Please ensure children have a coat in school everyday and all clothing is named.
  • Please read as regularly as possible and record in your child’s reading log.

Look at our wonderful display.



Welcome to Year 3

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a wonderful start the children have made to Year 3! We are very proud of the efforts they are making with their learning so far. It was lovely to see so many of you at the Curriculum Evening on Tuesday night.

At the moment, in English, we are busy writing instructions about how to trap a woolly mammoth; the focus is use of imperative verbs, adverbs and time adverbials. An example of a wonderful sentence could be: First, silently hide behind a large bush.

During our maths sessions, we have focused on different methods for adding numbers. Homework to reinforce this skill will be sent home on Thursday. Please make sure your child completes this work and returns it on Tuesday 26th September.

Please also remember the importance of daily reading aloud and to record this in your child’s Home Learning Log.

Don’t hesitate to come and ask us any questions that you may have and thank you so much for your support with your child’s learning.

The Year 3 Team


Welcome to Year 4!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Curriculum Evening last week. We hope you found it useful.


We are well underway with our first topic of the year, in which the children have shown us their knowledge of UK and world geography. We have enjoyed exploring a variety of maps and using them to locate countries and cities. We are now moving on to look at well known UK landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle and the Houses of Parliament. So if you have any pictures of places you have visited that you would be willing to share please bring them in.


In science, the children have thoroughly enjoyed making circuits using wires, bulbs, batteries, buzzers and motors. They are looking forward to designing and creating their own circuits over the coming weeks.

Just a quick reminder, please remember to label all children’s clothing clearly so they can find their belongings easily.

The Year 4 Team.

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