Windmill Hill Day 3

After lots of running around during last night’s evening activity, the children went back to their cabins and got ready for bed. Lights were out by half 9 and the teachers were amazed as they didn’t hear a single peep out of the children all night; this could be a record for the most soundless sleepers we’ve had at Windmill Hill over the years!

Some of today’s activities have included canoeing; the children learned some basic techniques to help them steer in the water and then engaged in many fun games. Lots of the children enjoyed purposely capsizing their boat so there was lots of laughter! The children have also taken part in Jacob’s ladder – a giant ladder made from logs where you have to work as a team to climb as many of the ‘steps’ as possible. At Windmill Hill, they also have a sensory trail where the children are blindfolded and then a member of PGL leads them around a course where their senses of sound and touch are heightened which can make their imaginations run away with them!

Tonight, for our evening activity, we have a human game of Cludeo where the children will make their way around the site meeting PGL staff dressed in costume who may be willing to share clues.

Windmill Hill Day 2 Update

We’ve had a brilliant full day at Windmill Hill. The children have been doing a wide range of activities including zooming down a zipwire, getting drenched during raft building and facing their fears at the top of trapeze! The children have been courageous and have been trying their best to join in with everything. The room inspections and teddy bear competitions are also well underway! A delicious lunch of fresh baguettes was served with pasta bolognese as one of the dinner options. Luckily, the weather in Hailsham has also been good with some glorious rays this afternoon. The children are about to enjoy their evening activity – capture the flag – before getting some sleep before another full on day tomorrow.

Windmill Hill update

The children enjoyed their first evening gathering – sitting around the campfire singing songs and listening to silly stories.

All the children slept well and have enjoyed a cooked breakfast this morning.  They are eager to get started on their activities!

Windmill Hill update

The children had a lovely walk at Seven Sisters Country Park (and it had stopped raining!). They all took part in a river quiz to earn their first points for their cabins.  They are on now on a tour of the site, then dinner and a campfire.

Windmill Hill Reminders

The year 6 children left very excited this afternoon about their up and coming trip to Windmill Hill next week!

Here are a few reminders for parents:
– Please ensure you bring all medication with you Monday morning with the child’s name on. We will be taking in all medication and checking doses against the children’s medical forms.
– The children may bring £5 with them in a labelled wallet. Please ensure that it is the exact amount.
– No electronics, snacks or deodorants.
– The children will need a packed lunch in a carrier bag for our stop en route at Seven Sister’s Country Park.
– The children will need to wear sensible shoes and clothing on Monday as we will be walking on rough terrain (and potentially in wet conditions) during our stop – proper trainers or walking boots and a rain jacket are essential.
– Your children need to arrive at school at the normal time on Monday. Please go to the year 6 area on 6P’s side. Miss Goddard will be greeting you and directing you to where you need to go.  This is a busy time so you may want to allow for a longer drop off than usual.
– We advise that you label as many of their belongings as possible as after 5 days of sharing a room with 5 others, things can often get mixed up and we wouldn’t want them coming home with any less (or more!) than they came with.
– The children are allowed disposable cameras however this is not essential as we will be taking lots of photos if your child has photo permission.

When we are at Windmill Hill, we will aim to give you a daily update with photos to keep you in the loop about all the fun we are having!

Many thanks and see you Monday,

Year 6 team.


WebRep Report Y6



In year 6 we have been making Chilli con carne to represent the type of food Mayans had. I was in the vegetarian group with Campbell, Nesma, Amelia and Eleni. We had many different ingredients.

The ingredients we used:
Kidney beans

First of we cut all the vegetables and put them in a pan. Next of we put all the passata in the pan with the vegetables and give it a good stir. The last thing we did was then put the kidney beans in a sieve so that the water would all drip out. We then added that in the pan and put paprika in. We then let it simmer for about half-hour and served it with nachos.





Frozen kingdoms is the name of our topic. We have been finding out about the North and South Pole.
South Pole
The South Pole is in the Southern hemisphere.   It contains many fascinating animals such as seals, penguins and whales.
North Pole
The North Pole is at the very top of the world, in the Northern hemisphere.  It contains many fascinating, majestic ice creatures, such as narwhal, ox, orca (otherwise known as the killer whale), snowy owl and the polar bear.
Explorers and Scientists
Lots of explorers have travelled to the North and South Pole. The most well-known are Scott, Shackleton and Byrd.





Going to Windmill Hill was hard because some people were missing their parents but as the days went by they were fine. The bus journey to Windmill Hill was at least 3 hours.  Half way through we stopped to have lunch at Seven Sisters Country Park. We sat at the top of a hill overlooking the River Cuckmere.  After when we finished our scrumdiddlyumptious lunch we went for a walk. We went down a really steep hill and eventually we came up to a swamp. While we were there we played a game. We had to find two different types of leaves, a feather and a rock.


Next we got back onto the coach and the next stop was Windmill Hill. When we finally arrived we got all our belongings and walked to our wooden cabins. We unpacked our stuff and went to have dinner! There were loads to choose from, there was even cold pizza and for pudding, scrummy doughnuts. There was also a salad bar, it was like an ‘all you can eat buffet’!  After we gobbled up our food it was time for an evening activity. It was called ‘Round the World’, we had to answer questions about a particular country, such as Wales. If we got an answer right we would get a bonus point for our cabin.We did loads of activities throughout the week. First we always started with breakfast. At breakfast there were lots of choices such as bacon, beans and onions . . . delicious! After our tummies were full up it was time for some activities. My first activity was abseiling. At first I was very scared but when I did it I loved it. I would definitely do it again. After that it was archery. I loved archery, it was really cool. I even got it in the yellow circle. After that it was lunchtime. Lunch was delicious. After lunch one day we did a teddy bear competition. We had to make a scene with teddy bears. It was great fun.


Other activities on the trip were canoeing, giant swing, raft building, zip wire, trapeze, fencing, climbing wall, sensory trail and lots more.  My absolute favourite was the giant swing. I went first with Campbell it was so much.Every night we had an evening activity, my favourite was the disco and wacky races. In wacky races we had to dress up in a wacky style! We did loads of races, one of them was a ‘dizzy dummy race’.
The disco was so much fun I really enjoyed it. Sadly Miss Goddard dislocated her knee.
Overall all we had an amazing trip and I would highly recommend all Year 5s to go on the trip next year.

Here are some photos of our trip on the website – we hope you enjoy looking at them!


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