School Uniform


Please make sure that all items of clothing and other belongings are clearly named. Thank you.

Daily Wear
Jade green sweatshirt }
Jade green sweat cardigan } all with school logo
White shirt, blouse or polo shirt – plain or with school logo
Grey or black trousers/shorts for boys. Straight grey or black trousers for girls (not
fashion trousers)
Grey skirt/pinafore dress
Green striped or checked dress for summer
Strong sensible dark coloured shoes or sandals (no trainers or boots please)
Outside coat (with hood if possible)

Navy or black shorts
White t-shirt
Black slip-on plimsolls for Yr R – Yr 2
Trainers for Yr 3 – Yr 6
Jogging bottoms for outside in cold weather
Draw-string PE bag, blue with school logo (sold in the school office, £5.00 each)
NB Children will normally have bare feet for indoor PE.


School Bags and Lunch Boxes
Book bags, navy with the school logo, can be purchased from the school office.
Children bringing a packed lunch will need a small lunch box with a handle.

Limited Space!
Space for bags is at a premium, so we ask that children bring no other bags to school.
Pencil cases or toys from home are not needed.

We would prefer children not to wear earrings at school because of Health and Safety
issues. If, however, you want your child to wear them, they must be one pair of studs
only and must be removed by your child or covered with tape for PE. No other form of
body piercing is allowed.

Jewellery and Watches
No jewellery should be worn for school. The wearing of any items of cultural or medical
significance should first be discussed with the Headteacher. If a watch is worn at school it
is the responsibility of your child.


Please don’t shave designs into your child’s hair- this isn’t part of our policy. Mohawks are not allowed.

Hair styles should neat and smart, and not interrupt the learning or the safety of pupils.