WebRep Report Y1



Year 1 went on a school trip to Hillier gardens. One of the activities we did was pond dipping we had to dip a net in the pond and we had to try and catch a newt.  We caught different sized and aged newts and had lots of fun. We also played a game which was like a trail and we had to find cards. We also went on an adventure walk, we went over a wobbly bridge and walked over a thin plank. We all had a lovely day.


This term we have been doing the golden mile.  The golden mile is something that we do 3 times a week and it is where we try to run a mile around the playground, Big hall, Ball pit and the Field. We measure how many laps we have done by collecting a cube every time we have run a lap. When we get back to class we count the cubes and tell our teacher how many laps we did. She records it on a special website.



In Year 1, we have been learning about new toys and old toys.  We set up a museum for Reception children to come and visit.  We sketched pictures of our old toys and new toys.  Here is my sketch of a Clone Trooper.


In Year 1 we have been learning to count money and we are counting in pounds and pence. We have also been adding and subtracting money.


This term in English we have been learning about the wonderful St Marks Primary School.

We wrote our own poems and took ideas from our own poems to make our class poem. Here is our class poem: