WebRep Report Y3



We went on a bus to a tournament .The people who went were Connor, Taeg, Zachary, Liam, Ella and Elli. We played 6 matches we won two and drew one. We were on pitch 2. When we weren’t playing a match we practised our skills and passing.  After we waited for our parents. While we were waiting I got a ball and we played passing.


We have been learning about how plants grow. There are male and female parts of a plant, like the stamen, the sepals, the ovule and the stigma. The petals make a scent to attract animals. The leaves suck up energy from the sun to make food. Compost help plants to grow this is called fertiliser. Bees help plants by spreading pollen.

We made pictures of plants and labelled the parts for homework, here are a few:


We are learning how to measure. We have also linked it to our science which is body bits. Yesterday we measured different body bits like, elbow to wrist, thumb to pinkie, neck to waist and knee to foot. We have also been measuring shapes and adding up the measurement. For our homework we made a zoo of animals. The enclosure had to measure the correct length.


In maths we have been learning about the column method .It is really FUN! This is how you do it.


 +   121


Do you like Maths?


We have also been learning to add and take away by chunking on a number line.

Below is an example of another method called ‘the grid method’.


    LONDON   VS  PARIS       

In Year 3 we have been learning about the cities London and Paris.  London  has  lots of different  buildings like Big Ben,  the  Queen’s  palace called Buckingham Palace and the Gherkin.  Paris has lots more buildings like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.  We have been doing sketches of the buildings in London and Paris. An amazing fact is Daniel‘s Great Great Granddad put the first hand on the clock Big Ben.



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We have been learning about the Stone Age. We have been doing cave paintings like hand prints, animals and hunters. We have also been making pretend camp fires. We have been thinking about how people in the Stone Age ate, slept and survived.  They ate things like woolly mammoths , hyenas , bison and frogs and berries.  They slept in a cave with a rug to cover them.  We are going to write  a story about the cavemen and we have read the story Stone Age Boy.



We have been learning about magnets in science. Don’t put a magnet near a computer because it could damage it. Magnets can stick to paper clips, bulldog clips, scissors and some coins.  Some coins can’t stick  to magnets.