WebRep Report Y4



In Year 4 we are learning about the digestive system, it has been very interesting. To go with this, we watched some videos. The first video was Operation Ouch. They showed that the mouth, nose and stomach are all linked together. The second video that we watched was a cartoon. It showed us how our food and water travels through our bodies. The third clip was another Operation Ouch clip. What they did was that Doctor Chris swallowed a camera tablet. This showed the inside of Doctor Chris’ body.
This is how the digestive system works:

We learned that when you eat the food it flows into your mouth and then drops through your oesophagus. It then passes your liver and then lands in your stomach. It then travels through your small intestine. Then through your large intestine.  After that, it finally comes through your rectum.



In Year 3 and 4 we performed our Easter production, ‘He’s Alive’.  Most of Year 4 had to act on the stage and on the sides of the stage were Year 3, singing all of the songs with us. For this show we had to do lots of rehearsing and the first time we performed it was in front of the entire school but after that we had to do it three whole times in front of parents. The show was based on the Easter story, when Jesus died and came alive again.  I think all of Year 4 and 3 really liked taking part in this performance!



In English we have started a new topic called “The Boy who Swam with Piranhas” it is actually a book by David Almond. We are doing lots of writing about it in our English lessons. In the story there is an abandoned factory and so we sketched our own thoughts of what the factory looked like. We weren’t allowed to use any colour because it was supposed to be a sad drawing of the old factory. The story is about a boy’s life which is turned around completely, but in the wrong way. His parents had died and he was left working in a fish canning factory.



In art we have been thinking about volcanoes and we have drawn our own but we didn’t draw them with felt tip pens instead we drew them with chalk and crayons on black sugar paper. We all really enjoyed this task but we got very messy and the chalk was quite hard to wash off.
Here are some of our drawings, I hope you like them.


English in year 4 has been very exciting because we are now moving on to designing our own chocolate bar. The first thing we did was testing some chocolate and gathered adjectives to describe what it tastes like. The four chocolates we tasted were milk, white, dark and mint my favourite one was the white chocolate because it tasted creamy and delicious. After, we tried different types of chocolate we had to list all the adjectives we could think of.



In Year 4 we are having swimming lessons at QMC. We have the swimming lessons on every Monday and Wednesday for 6 weeks. To get to QMC we had to go on a coach that was so long that it had more seats than the whole class!  We had to sit next to our lovely talk partners on the bus.  When we had got there we had to take a test to see how well we could swim and which level we were on e.g. shallow end or deep end. After we had done that the people in the deep end had to get into groups of 3 or 4.  Over the next few weeks we will be practising our strokes.    When we had got back from school everybody had 5 minutes break to have a snack and to let our hair dry.  We had lots of fun!



In year 4 we have been learning about mountains and volcanoes and how they work.  First we learnt about the earth and what it is made from such as the inner core, outer core , mantle and crust.


The inner core of the earth is 800 miles thick, the outer core is 1,400 miles thick, the mantle is 1,800 miles thick and the crust is 5-20 miles thick. The crust is what we walk on and where we live. The mantle is made from molten rock, the outer core is made from liquid, nickel and iron, and the inner core is made from solid, nickel and iron!


For the volcano to erupt the mantle shoots out then breaks through the crust causing an explosion. The magma flows out of the volcano and turns rock solid.



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In Year 4 we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians. It is really interesting to learn. On the first day of term we all brought in our homework that we had worked on during the holidays. Everybody had to include Ancient Egyptian facts in their homework. Everyone showed their homework to their class.



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In art we have been learning about landmarks in the UK and first we did a blue sky backwash either a dark and stormy sky or a lovely blue sky then we  sketched a landmark, for example Edinburgh Castle! After we had drawn the landmark we had some pictures up on the board so we could paint them in the correct colours.  Once we had done our work we were allowed to paint any landmark in the UK we liked. I did Stonehenge and I think it was quite good.  When we had finished our paintings we let them dry, they looked really nice.  These pictures will show you just how nice they were!


In Year 4 we are learning about Paddington Bear. For our lessons in English we are helping Aunt Lucy find out which three landmarks in Hampshire she is going to visit. We all thought of three exciting places in Hampshire and then we wrote all about them in our work books. Some of them were:
Sea City Museum
Also we are helping Paddington Bear not crash into the Needles in computing.  To help him we are going to try and make the old and broken lighthouse flash on and then flash off. First of all we made the light come on.  It took a lot of teamwork with our talk partners. It was really hard to do. Then we made the lighthouse’s light come on and off again and again. It was harder than making the light come on but then our teacher finally helped us. We are also helping Paddington in maths by making different ways of getting to the jar of lovely marmalade. We all made ten or more ways of helping him. It was great fun!