WebRep Report YR



In Year R we have some duck eggs!  We are all really excited about the ducks hatching from their little eggs. For the last few years we have hatched chickens but this year we had the opportunity to have ducks instead. Some of us want the ducks to be bright yellow but some want them to be brown ducks! The children have been staring at the incubator that holds the duck eggs, for a really long time!  Everybody is hoping that all of the eggs will hatch this year.



In Year R we are learning about people who help us in and outside school. It is really interesting to learn. Some of the people, who help us, are:
Ambulance People
This term we are really excited because firemen and policemen came, with their vehicles, and visited us for the day. They showed us all the equipment, that they use, and let us hold them.  We are extremely excited to know what our new topic is for next term.


In Year R we have been learning about the Jolly Christmas Postman. We have also been learning about Humpty Dumpty and how we could protect him from breaking his egg shell. We chose a material and wrapped it round Humpty Dumpty. We used wrapping paper, paper, bubble wrap and cotton wool. Then we dropped him on the floor. For Anti-Bullying-Week we sang a song about our hands, feet and words and how we could keep them to ourselves.

In art we have been doing stamping with paint and … brussel sprouts!  Then we put paint on our pinky finger and dabbed it onto the stamp. After that we blobbed a little bit of glue onto the holly wreath. Next we poured just a little bit of green glitter onto it to make pretend mistletoe!! In Maths we have been counting numbers and it is really hard!

On Chinese New Year we tried Chinese food like:
Vegetables covered with sauce
We liked the noodles best!