Mrs Armitage in Year 1

This term we have had great fun reading Mrs Armitage on Wheels, a story about a lady who adapts her bicycle by adding horns, a chair for her dog and umbrellas to keep her dry.  The children wrote stories about Mrs Armitage’s roller-skates and designed exciting adaptations such as bubble machines to cheer her up, a rocket booster to speed her along or a parachute to slow her down.

We have been exploring mechanisms and techniques for creating moving pictures.  We learnt how to make a hinge, lever and pivot and a slider.  The children then designed and made their own moving pictures showing a new vehicle for Mrs Armitage.   We had lots of lovely ideas: a helicopter, a tractor and even a Lamborghini!

In Science, we explored the different materials that Mrs Armitage would need to mend her umbrella. The children had great fun exploring which materials were waterproof!