Happy Easter!

Inter-class Challenge

We’ve had a busy but wonderful term learning all about the Mayans. For our end of term inter-class challenge, we replicated a Mayan sport Pok-a-tok. In this game, two teams would battle it out in a stone courtyard. The aim of the game was to hit a heavy rubber ball through a stone hoop however they were only allowed to use their elbows, knees and hips! The losing team would be facing more than disappointment as they would be next in line for sacrifice! Needless to say, we didn’t quite go to this extreme in school! In our version, the children had to choose which part of their body they wanted to use and then select whether they were going to aim through a large or small hoop with the small hoop being worth more points. The whole year group watched in anticipation as participants made their way to the middle of the ‘courtyard’ to try and gain points for their class. We had lots of fun and it was a close competition; the winner will be announced the first week back after Easter!


We’ve been privileged this term to have the expertise of Coach Fletcher helping the children to improve on a range of rugby skills. Last week, the children’s focus was thinking about their formation in order to provide a good defence line for the opposing team.

After school boosters

Some of the year 6 children have been attending after school boosters to aid them in making progress for the up and coming SATs. These have been very successful and we’d like to continue running them for a few more weeks after the Easter Break. The last week they’ll run will be the 30th April. The teachers have put a lot of effort and time into running these so please could you ensure that your child continues to attend so that they gain the full benefits of these.

Easter Homework

We are sending home 3 pieces of homework to complete over the Easter holidays: mixed arithmetic questions, a maths reasoning paper and a mixed grammar booklet. Completing these will help the children with their SATs preparations and to consolidate their learning from this term.

If the rain continues and children are at a loose end over the holidays, why not challenge them to make their own stop-motion animation? They have learned the skills at school and should be able to apply this at home. We’d certainly be keen to watch any of their  creations back at school when they return.


Finally, we just want to thank all the children for their hard work this term. Also, thank you to parents for always being supportive. Enjoy your Easter and we will see you in 2 weeks.

Year 6 Team