What an exciting adventure for Year 2!

Our Pirate Adventure
Last Tuesday the children were welcomed into school by Captain Boyle, Captain Burgess and Captain Rosso. The classrooms were changed into pirate ships for the children to start their adventure on the high seas, luckily no-one felt sea sick! The children enjoyed transforming themselves into pirates by making hats, parrots, eye patches and cutlasses. Then we had an exciting treasure hunt where the children solved maths challenges to gain treasure. The morning ended with a challenge between the teachers to win the treasure but the children decided sharing is best!

End of Year Assessments

As we explained in our recent newsletter, during May your children will be taking part in their end of Key Stage 1 assessments which contribute to our end of year teacher judgement of your child’s attainment. These are in reading and maths and will be integrated into the children’s normal class work. We explain to the children that they are completing special booklets that help their teachers to identify their next steps in learning. We do not refer to these as tests in any way so children do not become anxious. Therefore we ask you to support us with this approach.

School Trip 

We are looking forward to our school trip on Wednesday 6th June to Portsmouth Cathedral. We will require lots of parent helpers for this trip to go ahead so ask you to let your child’s class teacher know ASAP if you can help. Please remember you will need to have a school DBS in place. If we have too many offers we will draw names out of a hat. Thank you in advance.

Thank you

Year 2 Team