How proud we are!

On Wednesday we enjoyed our school trip to Old Portsmouth where we visited Portsmouth Cathedral. In the Cathedral we learnt about what makes it special. We looked at all the special objects like the Pulpit, Altar, Organ, Font, Lecturn and Golden Barque. We had many positive comments throughout our time in the Cathedral about how well behaved the children were and the wonderful questions they asked to extend their learning.


We dressed as Monks and had to be silent when we put up our hoods.

We learnt about the Ichthus Fish .

We looked at the Organ and saw the Ichthus Fish too.

We learnt about the Golden Barque.

We then walked down to the sea front and had our lunch. The children walked sensibly and made us proud. We all enjoyed our lunch in the sun and then a little drawing whilst watching the boats.

What a wonderful day we had! Thank you to all the parent helpers who were able to make this a successful trip. Thank you to the children for making us proud and showing others how amazing Year 2 behave. It was a pleasure to take you out of school.

Year 2 Team