Sports Day Cake Sale

As you may have read on the letter emailed, we are planning to help raise money for the coach to Pemberley House by selling cakes during lunch time of Sports Day.

As your child may have mentioned, Year 5 will be in charge of running this during part of the picnic section. However, we need your help to provide the cakes that we will be selling. These could be bought or baked, it is up to you. We would really appreciate as many as possible to help us reach our target.

Please send the cakes into school on the morning of Sports Day with your child.

Please be very careful to not include cakes with nuts in, due to allergies of children and staff. Feel free to donate any other free from cakes too.

Thank you for your donations already, we are excited about our visit to Pemberley House next Wednesday.

Year 5 Team.