Around the world so far!

The children have really enjoyed travelling in our hot air balloon around the world this term. So far we’ve explored different castles in the UK before crossing the Atlantic to the South American jungle. Most recently we landed in the African plains and have enjoyed going on Safari and learning about the animals who live there. Our focus in Literacy has been non-fiction books and the children have been learning about their features. Why not find a non-fiction book at home and let the children show you?

Next we are travelling ‘down under’ to the Great Barrier Reef and diving deep under the sea to find out about sea creatures. We will also begin our ‘Change the World’ project. Following on from the work they did with you at home to create their posters, our project will be about plastic pollution and what we can do to help reduce and re-use it so that less waste enters our oceans.

We need your help! We are going to be collecting large 2 litre bottles over the next 2 weeks. If you have any at home please bring them to one of the Year R classrooms from Monday so we can re-purpose them as outdoor planters. Thank you!