Year 5 Children are AMAZING – Singing at Pemberley House

What an incredible year group! What AMAZING children! 

Firstly, we would like to thank the Pemberley House Committee. The six children booked the coach, organised permission letters, counted parent donations and ran an incredibly successful bake sale – raising £177!

Secondly, we would like to thank every single child in the year group. In total, they raised £436 and they haven’t even done their Sports Day face painting yet! We will be letting the children decide what to do with the extra money raised – either something for Pemberley House or to be used towards our ‘Change The World’ projects. From donations, to providing cakes, to learning song lyrics – every child has been so dedicated to ensuring today happened – and what a moment it was!

The singing was exceptional – so very moving! There were even residents dancing with their carers on the balconies. Pure joy radiated around the home thanks to this inspirational group of children. We even had requests for more songs! The children then had the opportunity to mingle with the residents and they approached this with the most outstanding maturity – asking questions, sharing their own experiences and being very respectful if they had to repeat themselves a few times too!

A huge success- what an impact we have had in our community!

Here are a few snippets of each song that we sung.