Year 2 have been busy!

What a busy few weeks we have had! Our bottle top collection is fabulous, thank you to everyone who has made a small difference and brought in one or more bottle tops. We now have enough bottle tops to create our ‘Change the World’ project. Rest assured that we will be recycling the unused ones and others used in the display eventually. The children have enjoyed sorting these at our bottle top recycling centre. We have also focused some of our English on letter writing by writing some letters to our local supermarkets. In these letters we asked the supermarkets if they would support our project to reduce the amount of plastic used and look forward to working with them to promote positive change.


Following our Portsmouth trip, we have generated many amazing art projects, looking at the key features of Portsmouth. We have also used our RE topic of special places as a stimulus to discuss how we should look after special places in our world and this has linked  beautifully with our changing the world project.

Year 2 Team