Year R update

We have continued our journey around the world to the Great Barrier Reef and the children enjoyed creating their own under the sea art work. The children learned about how plastic pollution is affecting marine life and then incorporated this into their art work.

In Literacy we read ‘Tiddler’ and then made up our own stories about why Tiddler was late for school. The children had some very imaginative ideas! They found out about many different sea creatures in Bookclub, asking lots of different questions which we then found the answers to together using non-fiction books.

Next week we will be re-using the plastic bottles they have brought in and re-purposing them into herb and flower planters.

Last week we learned about ‘Special Clothes’ and the children enjoyed sharing their photos with their class and talking about why they were special. We learned about the similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian weddings, focusing on the special clothes worn. Our week culminated in a mock wedding celebration where children acted out the roles of the wedding party while the rest of the children were guests at the ceremony and then the reception. Highlights were eating their decorated biscuits while photos were being taken (we were aiming for as realistic an experience as possible!) and then having a boogie at the disco afterwards.

Next week we hop back into our balloons and carry on up into space!

walking up the aisle

exchanging of rings

eating canapes while waiting for the photos!

bride, groom and their parents

bride, groom, bridesmaids and flower girls

eating canapes