Important – Possible June Reopening – Action required

Dear parents and carers,

ACTION REQUIRED AFTER READING THIS whatever year group your child is in.

You will have heard about a probable reopening of school in June. A few points about this to keep you updated (this is all based on government guidance):

General Points:

  • School will look very different. It will look nothing like school as we know it pre-lockdown.
  • We are busy planning for it. It is very difficult to do, but we are working on it, and new government ‘advice’ is released regularly.
  • The government has not yet confirmed that schools will actually be open, and will do so nearer the time.
  • School attendance will be optional: you do not have to send your children in, and will not be fined.
  • Home learning will still continue.
  • Teacher unions are yet to make their final positions clear, which could impact our capacity.
  • The more children we have in school, the less we are able to cater for home learning (especially responding and supporting home learning).
  • Social distancing measures will be put in place, but can not be guaranteed. They are children!
  • This system below would start from Tuesday 2nd June, as Monday 1st June will be a staff preparation day.
  • For non-key worker children, we would be closed from 12:30pm on Fridays. This is for cleaning, planning and preparation time for staff. We are still determining the staggered collection times.

Key workers / Year Groups / Priorities

  • Key worker definitions have not changed.
  • Key worker families have priority, and can continue to send their children in.
  • Only key worker children, Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 children will be allowed back from June (actual date to be confirmed).
  • Children in Years 2, 3, 4, and 5 are not allowed back (unless they are key worker children).
  • If we do not have the staffing capacity for all key worker children and Years R, 1 and 6 to be in (and the space to have them in!), the government has said we are to prioritise opening school for those children in order. The priority order is key worker children first, then Year R, then Year 1, then Year 6. So for example if we are short on staff or space, then it would be some or all of Year 6 children who may not be able to attend. If staffing becomes a bigger issue, then Year 1 would also not attend, and so on.
  • Because of an expected increase of key worker children, and the fact that they take priority, it is unlikely we will be able to have all Year 6 children back, and this is entirely dependent on Year R and 1 take up. We appreciate this seems strange. Surely Year 6 children would be the priority as they are able to socially distance, and are more independent – and they are soon to finish primary school. However, this is the government’s directive.

Class arrangements

  • Remember, the whole point about the return is to create bubbles of a maximum of 15 children and up to 2 adults, who stick together all the time and do not mix with other groups.
  • Classes will have no more than 15 in them. In years R and 1, this will be a maximum of 10.
  • Key worker children who require breakfast club and/or after school club will be kept in a single key worker class, and not within their normal year group.
  • Key worker children who do not require breakfast club and/or after school club will be kept with their new year group classes.
  • There is a limit for Breakfast Club and After School Club of 15 children maximum, even if they only attend a few times a week. We have to keep children to their bubbles.
  • Key worker children who are in Years 2, 3, 4, or 5 will be kept in key worker classes.
  • All children may not (or most likely won’t) be with their actual teacher, or adults they know, or indeed in their actual classroom. This is because of space and staffing restrictions.
  • They may not be with their friends, and no guarantees can be made about this. Teachers will decide who is where.
  • Classrooms will be stripped back to aid cleaning and reduce spread.
  • All 21 classrooms will be in use (which is why children may not be in their own classroom).
  • Children will be kept to their new class only, and will not socially integrate or mix or play with other children (including at break and lunch).
  • Children will be kept to their new classrooms or zoned areas of the playground, but not able to go into the halls or office areas.
  • Children in school will be doing home learning activities plus other activities. Social distancing requirements make normal teaching very difficult!! And anything used will need to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Wherever possible, the staff must socially distance themselves from the children. This includes preventing physical contact, which we know will be difficult for the younger children.
  • Outdoor equipment cannot be used.
  • For children with 1-1 in the mainstream school, this will only be able to be provided should the staffing be available.

Other Points

  • Regular hand-washing (5 times/day) and cleaning regimes will be in place.
  • Any intimate care must be done by parents, in an isolated area.
  • Only packed lunches will be available. Not hot dinners will be available. This will be eaten in the classroom.
  • Staggered drop off and collection times for parents will need to be in place, as well as a 1 way system. Times will be confirmed. Social distancing will be required during drop-off and collection, just as in the shops!
  • Parents will not be allowed in school unless in emergencies. Email/Phone is the way to communicate with the school.
  • The Bridge will not be open due to staffing restrictions and risk assessments. The immense home learning system and personal support will still be in place. We will be in further contact about this.
  • We will contact some parents directly where there are further concerns about securing safety for adults and children, or inability to provide a space due to adequate staffing (based on risk assessments).

What will happen for the final month of school? Who knows?!!

We will be in touch about the finer details about this plan.

However, to aid our planning, please can all parents complete this form by Monday at 12pm? Please complete the form irrespective of your child’s year group.

Please complete this form

(If the form isn’t working, try this link instead)

Thank you, Mr Applegate