Year 6 SATs – Cancelled

Dear Parents and Carers,

We wanted to confirm with you that the formal Year 6 SATs tests have been cancelled by the government. These tests, which are normally done in May, are the government’s way to assess the progress of children and schools. As a school, we fully support the cancellation.

Of course the children will continue to learn and we will do our very best to ensure they are as secondary-ready as possible. As part of this learning, we may use practice tests, SATs questions and other strategies to check and support their learning. However, it will be without the pressure that the SATS week can create. Test practice at primary can be helpful; it prepares for secondary, and is another way to understand how children are doing in relation to national expectation.

We are shortly sending out Autumn Term learning reports; these include how your child is getting on across a range of subjects. One of the reports mentions about SATs and getting ready for SATs. Please do ignore this error – it was written before we knew of the cancellation.

As always, please do contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Charles Applegate
Head Teacher