Year 5 Homework

There were lots of children who forgot their Reading Logs today, so here is an update on the Year 5 homework.

SPaG homework is pages 12 and 13, which is due in on Wednesday 19th December.

Maths homework is to go on TT Rockstars at least 4 times this week, which we would like done by Thursday 20th December.

There will be no homework set next week for over the Christmas holidays.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Year 5 Team.


Christmas is Coming!

Christmas Art

To add a touch of Christmas Spirit, each year group at St Mark’s has been getting creative designing and making a piece of Christmas art which represents a particular Christmas carol.

A group of children volunteered themselves to be involved in our Year 6 Christmas Art where they created a picture to represent ‘Hark the Herald’. Each child was given a piece of an original picture; they then used their observational skills to transcribe this onto a larger piece of sugar paper using the medium of oil pastels. The children were amazed when we put all the pieces back together.

Our finished artwork!

Our artwork is displayed on the middle grey board in the office if you would like to have a look over the coming weeks.


Christmas Carol Concert

Just a reminder to return the permission slip to attend the Christmas Carol Concert evening performance on Tuesday 18th December. It is an expectation that all children attend unless we are informed otherwise.


Evacuation Day

Our evacuation day is Monday and we have a range of activities planned for this special enrichment day. See our previous post for a reminder of the details:



Year 6 Team

Amazing Year R

We are so proud of all the children and how well they performed in their Nativity play. Every child tried their best and teamwork was at the centre of the successful play. Thank you for all your support with costumes, learning lines to say and all the songs too.

We have returned to normal lessons now and we will start back with PE on a Tuesday morning from next week. Please send the children dressed in their PE kit at the start of the day with their uniform in the PE bag. Outdoor PE is weather dependent at this time of year so all children need to have shorts, joggers, t-shirt and PE top every session please. Girls need to bring socks too as feet get chilly when they take their tights off!

Thank you for your continued support.


Year 4 Act of Service

Thank you so much for your contributions to our Reverse Advent Calendar so far, we really appreciate it.

Just a reminder that we are only asking for contributions for one day on the calendar. This is a voluntary contribution for a very good cause. Please find a copy of the letter attached.

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Year 4 team



Fire Fire!!

What an exciting day we had on Monday. We were very lucky to be able to recreate our very own version of the Great Fire of London to end our topic. The children have learnt lots this term and produced different newspaper reports to share their understanding of The Great Fire in 1666 and at St Mark’s Primary School in 2018.

We have made some wonderful art work and in D&T some fire engines where we had to make an axle and wheels.

We look forward to seeing you all next week to watch our nativity Prickly Hay.

Year 2 Team

North America

We have had a fantastic time over the last few weeks learning all about the continent of North America and the different areas within it. Last week, we looked at all of the different biomes across the continent, ranging from Tundra, to Grassland and Temperate Forests.

In English, we started the half term by exploring Yellowstone National Park and we created travel guides for this amazing destination. More recently, we have been creating our own fables after studying the different language techniques fables contain. The teachers have been very impressed with our creativity when we were writing our own fables, and the morals found within.

We have continued the North American theme within dance, in which we have been studying a variety of North American dances from throughout history. We started learning Native American dancing, focusing on how the Native Americans used to dance to the beat of a drum, differing to how we dance to music today. Then we moved onto line dancing, learning the well-known dance to the song 5,6,7,8 by the band Steps. The children really seemed to enjoy this dance and have been keen to keep practising it within all dance lessons as warm ups. This week we have/will be moving onto traditional Hip Hop, in which the children will need to consider the differences in music, actions and formations compared to the other two styles of dance.

We are well underway with Christmas Carol singing, and can’t wait to see you all at the carol concerts over the next couple of weeks.
Year 5 Team

What’s going on in Year 1?

It’s been a busy time over the last couple of weeks! We are rehearsing lots for our Christmas performance and the children are looking forward to sharing it with you next week. Please remember to send in your child’s costume by this Thursday, ready for our first dress rehearsal.

We have been having great fun exploring and using clay to make animals. The children have created their own penguin tiles, ready for painting later this week.

In maths, we have been learning to represent numbers to 20 in different ways. We have been using a variety of resources like double-sided counters with tens frames and making numbers using bundles of straws and dienes.

This week we have been inferring how the characters might feel in the story The Snowman and will be learning more about this story over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all next week at the Christmas play.

Year 1 Team

Ghanaian Day: Raising Hope Foundation

Friday was a very thought-provoking day for Year 6 as the children considered the difference between the wants and needs of a child. As the Christmas season is upon us, it got the children thinking about their Christmas lists and the attitudes that can be developed from living in a fortunate Western society. 

The children wrote emotive poetry in order to challenge thinking, help others to identify the differences between us and the Ghanaian people and also to help people recognise and appreciate how lucky we are. We linked this to our Christian Value of Humility.

Here is a selection of their poetry:













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