Year 2 End of Topic

Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Have a lovely half term!

Nature Collage

We took the opportunity of the sunny afternoons over the last few days, to develop our skills of collage. We used natural materials that we found ourselves around the school site to create collages of different things. 5GP and 5F were free to choose their images, however Miss Thomas set her class the challenge of creating a Greek mythical creature. See if you can workout what they are.

Holiday homework for this half term has gone home, and it’s based around our topic of Road Trip Around Europe. We look forward to seeing all of your projects when we come back.

Have a great half term

Year 5.

Year 4 Half Term Homework

We have had a lot of fun learning all about volcanoes this term.  We have explored Iceland and researched what causes volcanoes.  To develop this learning further, here is this half term’s homework:-

Choose one of these activities to complete and bring into school by Wednesday 6th March.

  1. Write an acrostic poem using the letters from the word ‘VOLCANO’.
  2. Make a 3D volcano model.
  3. Create Top Trump cards for volcanoes around the world.
  4. Design a board game inspired by our volcanoes topic.
  5. Research and present findings in your own words about different types of volcano.

Service in our community

We were given a challenge from Mr Applegate to provide a service somewhere in our community.  Year 3 decided to read with the children at Dandelions pre-school.  Children have had a great time and when asked what they liked best said, “The smiles on the childrens’ faces!”.


Community Links

On Friday, Year 2 continued to develop community links and carry out acts of service by preparing cakes and flapjack for the Golden Years group that meets at Immanuel Church.

They also took the members on an informative tour around the school. These activities were very much appreciated by these important members of our local community and the children who represented each class were very excited to get to know them and show them around.

We are looking forward to strengthening and continuing these connections and will be involved in supporting their 20th Anniversary Celebrations later in the year.

Thank you to Mrs Bull (School Governor) for also helping with these tours. There were some lovely comments about our tour guides including ‘How proud the children are of their school’.

Year 2 Team

What a busy week!

This week we have been thinking about our aspirations for the future. On Wednesday afternoon, we were joined by a fire-fighter, a vicar and a power engineer. The children had great fun learning about what their jobs entailed and then thought about what they might like to be.

On Thursday morning, we were all very excited to show our ‘Toy Museum’. The children loved having their parents, childminders and grandparents into see their learning. Thank you to all that made it – the children were buzzing all day! We also had great fun sharing our museum with our friends in the school and Year R came to visit us later in the morning.


Thank you everyone for visiting!

Year 1 Team

Chinese New Year

Remember tomorrow we are celebrating Chinese New Year and the children can wear a red piece of clothing to school with their uniform. This can be as simple as a hairband or socks.

The children will be tasting Chinese Food in the afternoon. Any questions or concerns please speak to your child’s teacher.

Many Thanks,

YR Team

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