End of term fun!

What a fun end of term we had in Year R! Last week we had an egg-cellent time celebrating Easter with lots of crafts and activities related to Springtime and New Life.

The previous week the children walked to Sainsbury’s with their Year 6 buddies to buy a hot cross bun and on the way we were spotting signs of Spring. All the children were extremely well behaved and represented St Mark’s beautifully.

That same week Farmer Chris came from Miller’s Ark farm, bringing a selection of different farm animals, including some very cute lambs, piglets and goslings. He shared a wealth of knowledge about these animals and the children we all able to get into the enclosures and stroke each animal.
Both of these activities enabled us to make links between the New Life that Springtime brings in the environment, and the New Life celebrated at Easter.




Geese, ducks and rooster

In other news the staff have been busy revamping a few of the learning areas in the unit, sprucing up our writing and small world areas and creating a new Maths Zone for the children to work in during Discovery Time. The children are already getting stuck in, exploring number through their play and further developing the mathematical vocabulary we have been working on this term.

Maths Zone

Small world area





Writing area

We hope you have a restful Easter break and look forward to next term when we are off on a journey around the world!

Happy Easter,
The Year R team

Mrs Armitage is on the move!

Year 1 have had great fun this term learning about Mrs Armitage. We read her book and then wrote our own stories about Mrs Armitage on a different vehicle. Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed learning about how to make pictures move using pivots, hinges and sliders. The children designed their own moving picture based on the vehicle in their story and then made them using card and collage materials.

Over the last week, the children enjoyed learning about our RE unit of Happiness and Sadness. The children learnt about how The Easter Story is both happy and sad and explored how they might feel about different parts of the story.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our learning this term and look forward to our new projects after Easter. We hope you all have a restful and fun Easter break with your children .

Year 1 Team

Recorder fun!

KS1 were delighted to listen to the talents of the recorder club during a worship last week. The children shared their music with us all and it was great to see so many children enjoying learning a new instrument. Thank you Miss Hall and Miss Jamieson for all your efforts.


End of Term Mayan Fun

With this term’s project “Temples of Doom” drawing to a close, this week has been fun-packed for the children as they have been making a chilli in food technology and completing their inter-class challenge.


Food Technology – Mayan chilli

Several weeks ago, the children learned about what food the Mayans grew and harvested. From this, they then designed a Mayan-inspired chilli con carne in their groups by providing justifications for each of their ingredient choices.

The children made their chilli this week and thoroughly enjoyed eating these for their lunch. They learned how to cook meat safely and cut vegetables in order to combine and cook the ingredients to make a chilli. Hopefully, they will be showcasing their culinary skills at home for you this Easter.


Inter-class challenge – Pok-Ta-Pok

During the Mayan civilisation, the most popular game to play was called Pok-Ta-Pok. This competitive game involved hitting a rubber ball through a stone hoop. Players were allowed to use their elbows and knees to hit the ball. Shockingly, the losing team’s captain was sacrificed to the Gods!

We played a St Mark’s version of this game (minus the sacrifice!) where the children had to get a ball through a hoop choosing to either use their head, elbow or knee. The children could choose the hoop size with a smaller hoop giving them double points. Each child had just one attempt after a practice round and the class with the most points won.

Well done to 6D who won this term’s Inter-class Challenge!


Easter Homework

Over the Easter break, we have given the children their SATs workbooks to look through and complete activities for any areas they feel less confident with. We have also provided the children with the answer booklets so they can mark their work at home with an adult. You may wish to look after these until they have completed their tasks though!

We would like the children to spend a minimum of 2 hours on SPaG activities and a minimum of 2 hours on Maths activities over the course of the two weeks. If your child is keen, we are more than happy for them to spend longer revising.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a wonderful Easter break.

Year 6 Team

Year 2 Update

Year 2 have really enjoyed our recent RE unit on Salvation. Whilst exploring what many Christians believe about the Easter story, we loved acting out Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. We also had great fun exploring the different ways that Christians remember Jesus during Holy week, and how they think that Jesus came to forgive their sins and provide a bridge back to God. We loved washing each other’s feet just as Jesus washed the disciples before the last supper, we sang hymns that Christians would sing in Church, we carried out reflective tasks as many Christians would on Good Friday and shared the jubilation that they feel in services on Easter Sunday.

Have a lovely Easter Break

Year 2



J Rock Photos

As the half term has come to an end, we just wanted to say another massive well done to all of those children who took part in J Rock this year. It was a huge success and it is safe to say that all children and adults involved had a fantastic day.

We are incredibly proud of all of the children and all of their hard work since October.

Below are a couple of the photos from the day and the performance. There will be a letter coming out regarding purchases of the photos within the first week back, so keep a look out in your children’s bags.

Thank you again for all of your support and we are already planning and looking forward to next year.

Miss Thomas and Miss Barnett


European Food Market

Thank you so much to all who were able to attend our Year 5 Food Market yesterday. It was a huge success and the buzz in the hall made it really exciting. Congratulations to our two winning teams. The narrow margins with the scores demonstrates the depth of knowledge that the children have gained this half term.

Have a fantastic Easter,

The Year 5 Team

Year 4 Easter Holiday Homework

For your Easter homework we would like to challenge you to create a piece of art to display in our Year 4 pop up gallery.

The theme is spring.  When you are outside over the holidays take, some inspiration or even some photos and create some art based on what you see. Design and make an A3 or A4 sized representation of your ideas – you can use any medium you like.

Here are a few suggestions but we will be happy with any style as long as it is 2D.

  • Paint a picture
  • Make a collage using natural resources, wool or different types of paper
  • Printing
  • Photo montage

Please bring your art work into school by Wednesday 24th April.

We would like to invite your parents to visit the pop up gallery on Friday 26th April from 3pm when you can take them around the classrooms to show them everyone’s work.

Year 5 Easter Visit to Pemberley House

The children in Year 5 all created a beautiful hanging Easter decoration for a resident of Pemberley House, following the success of our Christmas card project with them earlier in the year. Today, we had the chance to deliver them to the residents.

Similar to last time, we hand delivered the decorations to each resident and we had some really heartwarming and emotional reactions from many of them! We had some impromptu singing sessions in the lounge and corridors, at request of some of the residents. The children were really wonderful in their interactions and were welcomed into many of their rooms, smiled constantly and bought the most wonderful cheer to the residents.

Well done Year 5 – you made us very proud again!



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