Flap Books

For the last couple of weeks, Year 5 have been looking at audience for their writing. We started by looking at the differences between formal and informal writing and have moved onto the differences in language between writing for adults and writing for children.

After writing a news report aimed at adults, we moved onto creating flap books aimed at young children. We spent the day yesterday creating these books that we were very proud of.

After we had finished, we then went to share our stories with Year 2. We were able to read our stories to a few different children. A lovely way to share our love of reading.

Half-Term Homework

Next half term we are learning about the UK.

We would like you to collect some information about a place in the UK which is special to you and your family. It could be another town or city which you have lived in or visited on holiday or for the day. Perhaps where your grandparents or another family member lives.

You can share your ideas in any form (poster, postcard, factfile etc.) you like but please include a map showing where the place is, so we can locate it on a large map at school.

Please bring your homework to school by Monday 5th November

Year 4 So Far…

What an amazing first half term we have had! The children have all settled really well and have enjoyed our learning this half term.

Some highlights include: mummifying teddy bears and writing the instructions to go with this; making our canopic jars and painting them and publishing stories about ancient Egypt.

The children have really been engaged with our Maths this half term and are developing their reasoning skills. They are thoroughly enjoying the problem solving tasks.


The Year 4 Team

Marvellous Me

Can you believe our children have been in school for a whole half term? We are very proud of the confidence they have shown settling into school life and building new relationships with adults and peers.

We have been very fortunate this week to welcome a team of volunteers from Unum Ltd. The team of volunteers spent all day with Mr Carter painting, repairing and tidying up our outdoor area. The children are looking forward to being able to access all the revamped and repaired areas but especially ‘the forest’ which until now has been a little too overgrown to access.

Within our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, children have enjoyed discussing their own development as they have grown. They enjoyed sharing photos of themselves as babies though some were less keen about tasting and describing baby food! Yuk!

As well as looking at our past, children have also been looking forward to the future. Our week focusing on ‘When I Grow Up’ revealed a whole variety of job aspirations ranging from a firefighter to a unicorn.

We wish you all an enjoyable half term and look forward to welcoming the children back for another fun filled half term leading up to Christmas.

The Year R Team

Year 2- Autumn 1

What a fabulous half term we’ve had in Year 3. The children have loved learning about the Stone Age and finding out about the past. Here are some photos of the wonderful art work that has been created using some Stone Age techniques.

Project Outcome

A final reminder about our project outcome tomorrow from 2:15pm in the main hall.

The first half of the outcome will be an exhibition of the children’s work where you can see what they have been learning and get involved in some interactive activities. For the second half, we hope to entertain and persuade you with some groups of children who are going to perform.

We hope to see you there!

Year 6 Team

Year 1 Update

The children have been busy this term with our topic ‘Hungry, Hungry Animals’. We enjoyed learning about our artist of the moment, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and exploring our own way of creating a vegetable inspired piece of artwork.

We have explored our senses and been on a senses walk around school, looking for signs of autumn using our sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch. We then used this to help us write an Autumn poem. The children enjoyed using their presentation skills to decorate and present their poems.This week we will also be exploring our sense of taste when we make our vegetable kebabs. Look out for photos of us making them!

Thank you for all your continued support with reading with your child at home and helping them to learn their keywords.

Year 1 Team

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