Roman Day!

As your children will probably have told you, today we had the most amazing day learning about the Romans.

This morning we had the chance to play a couple of Roman games and learnt about life in Ancient Rome in which we got to look at some artefacts in the gazebo.

Then this afternoon got very exciting when we learnt about the Roman Army, their armour and then finished off with some gladiator fighting.

As you can imagine we took so many more photos than we can put on here, so we are going to create a photo montage on display in the Year 4 corridor. So on Monday’s Open Evening, make sure to look out for these outside 4C.

Thank you so much for all of your contributions towards this fantastic day, and the costumes that you all put together.

Year 4 Team 🙂

Year 5 update

We are having a wonderful few weeks in Year 5 and enjoying the sunshine! Last Thursday we had our taster day to Brighton Hill and we were very pleased with the fantastic engagement and behaviour all children showed. They had the opportunity to take part in a range of practical lessons including creating a rainbow fizz in science; making a clay monster in art; playing hand-ball on the power league and creating a wooden box in DT. If the children made a clay model, this is currently at Brighton Hill being fired and will be arriving at our school over the next few weeks for them to bring home.

We ended last week with our reward afternoon. It was lovely to see the children enjoying playing on the Key Stage 2 equipment, drawing, creating their own dance routines and taking part in some cricket matches. These reward afternoons seem to be a big highlight for our year group! Our final one will be on the afternoon of the final day of term, Monday 23rd July.

In tennis, the children are making excellent progress with using their footwork and their understanding of appropriate selection shot. They are now progressing onto taking part in matches and understanding the scoring of these.

This week is RE week and we are deepening our understanding of our Christian values and how these link to our learning behaviours. This has been placed in the context of the Easter Story and the children are completing different activities to enable them to reflect on themselves, their ability to put others first and how we can disseminate this into our local community.

Following the Year 5 and 6 production letter, which outlined the children will need a costume of dark trousers and a green top, please can we ask their costumes are in school on Monday 9th July.

A reminder that on Monday 9th July we have the head teacher of Henry Beaufort Secondary School doing an assembly for our Year 5 pupils and you are welcome to join. This begins at 9am, in the main hall, and so please arrive promptly.


Many thanks,

The year 5 Team

Summer Term Learning

This term is racing by and the children have shown such great enthusiasm for their learning about the Titanic through their History. The homework we have received has been of a superb standard and the children are truly proud of what they have been bringing in.

Our book study this term has ‘My Dad’s a Birdman’ by David Almond. Through this, the children have produced some excellent diary entries and are developing their skills of writing like a journalist. The children really engaged with this story of  faith, wings, love and dumplings.

It seems such a long time ago but Year 3 made us really proud of their sporting spirit during Sports’ Day this half term.

All of our PE lessons are outdoors this half term and many children are not bringing hats to school. Please could you remind your children to bring their hat and water bottle to school daily.

An urgent plea:

We are planning a Titanic piece of art and are in need of shoe boxes. We would be hugely grateful if you could send all your unwanted shoe boxes to school as soon as possible.

We would also really appreciate the following items:

  • clean bottle lids and tops
  • cereal packets
  • scraps of material and ribbons
  • old wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • clean yoghurt or snack pots

And finally…

We are all really looking forward to our trip to SeaCity on Monday, 9th July. We will be leaving school at 9:00am. Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch and a water bottle. We will let you know all about the children’s learning on our return.

Thank you once more for your continued support.

Miss Hardy, Mrs Chapman and Miss Barnett

Year 2 Update

This week we have been focusing on our school Learning Behaviours and how these link with our everyday practice. In English, we have been working on pride and creativity when writing our versions of ‘The adventures of Goldilocks’. We have also been thinking about team work and how important communication is to be successful. Below are some pictures of two activities where the children had to show how they work together.

Exciting news

We would like to finish our Geography topic by inviting you to join us. Hobbycraft are on a mission to get Britain sewing again. They found that 1 in 5 people can’t sew a button, with 52% never being taught at school. As our children loved sewing their puppets, we have decided we would like to take part in this challenge and have collected our free buttons from hobbycraft. More information can be found here:

So on Friday 20th July, we would like to invite you into school at 2pm to help with our ‘Sew your Journey’ project followed by a small quiz. We would like 1 adult per child to attend. Please look out for your invitation in your child’s book bag early next week.


Next week we are looking forward to RE week and learning how our Christian Values and Learning Behaviours link together.


Year 2 Team

Up and coming Year 4 adventures

We are very excited about our special visitor coming in on the 10th July for our Roman Day. They have requested that the children come into school dressed as Romans, as we have suggested on the letter we sent home, but this can be as simple as an adult sized t-shirt, belt and some sandals. Please note that the children do not need to bring in any props such as swords or shields as they will be Roman citizens and not soldiers.

On the 6th July, the children will be finding out their new classes for next year. As it stated on the newsletter, we will be telling the children on that Friday morning and then go straight to their new classes for some exciting activities. As you can imagine the children have been talking a lot about next year and what to do if they are not put in the same class, such as arranging to meet at break time with their friends. We have been really proud that they have already been doing this after splitting for Maths and Book Club this half term, and we hope this continues next year.

A last reminder, please make sure that all of the children have their PE kits in everyday. We have noticed that there are many children who either forget to bring in their kits, or  wear them to an after school club and then don’t bring them in the next day.

Thank you for your support

Year 4 Team

Winchester Cathedral Leavers’ Service

What a spectacular day we had at Winchester cathedral last week for the Church Schools’ Leavers’ Service.

When we arrived, many children were awestruck by the mere size of the cathedral and were keen to start exploring this historical venue. After we were welcomed, the children split off into groups and completed two tasks over the morning period such as creating mosaics, a photo trail or even making a bishop’s hat. The children thoroughly enjoyed using their creativity whilst also learning about the history of the cathedral.


Following lunch, which we had on the beautiful green outside the Cathedral, we assembled back into the Cathedral to await the Leavers’ Service. The service consisted of meaningful hymns, stories from the Bible and also prayers, which were confidently read by our Year 6 pupils – Molly, Luke and Emily. We also paraded our school banner and collected a special candle which was a gift to us from the Cathedral.


Each year there is a theme – this year we were looking at everyday heroes. The Cathedral asked us to design and make a chair which represented a hero to bring with us on the day of our service. It was wonderful to see the different media which was used and the creativity in ideas as their chairs were all so varied! When we designed our chair, we considered jobs which represented everyday heroes and what makes a job heroic. Many children thought of teachers, nurses, policemen and firemen however, the majority of children wanted to base their design around a veteran theme as this also linked with the centenary of WW1. We combined ideas from different designs and the children contributed towards making each and every part. A large group of children made over 100 poppies of different sizes, other children decorated allies’ flags with significant typography words whilst others helped to make replica war medals. We are very proud of our collaborative chair and it turned many heads at the Cathedral! We should have it back in school in a couple of weeks so please come and take a look.



A wonderful day had by all! What a lovely service and we look forward to our own Leavers’ Service at school near the end of term which parents are invited to.

Many thanks,

Year 6 Team


Bug Hotel…..

Work is underway to build our bug hotels.

Year 1 visit to Sir Hillier Gardens

What a fantastic day we all had at Hillier Gardens!

The weather was kind and the children all had a great day. We enjoyed learning about how seeds grow and finding out about how they don’t always make it into a plant. We enjoyed sweeping the long grass looking for the mini-beasts that live there. The children loved exploring the ponds and finding the different animals and insects. Many newts were found alongside dragonfly nymphs, water beetles and snails.

We also loved smelling all the different plants in the sensory garden and made our very own ‘smelly’ caterpillar to take home. The children explored Jurassic plants, enormous bamboo and walked across the wobbly bridge, making sure they didn’t fall in the swamp!

Year 1 had a fantastic day and have since enjoyed writing recounts and thank you letters all about their visit. They were all well-behaved and a credit to St Marks. They were a pleasure to take on the trip.

The Year 1 Team

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