Need to know! Basic information for parents and carers

Are you new to our school? On this page, you’ll find key information about our school.


Skoolkit sell our sweatshirts and cardigans as well as other items of school uniform.  There will be a display of items for you to look at and a 10% off voucher for you to spend in the shop in the town centre.  We will be selling PE bags for £5.00 on the 22nd May should you wish to purchase one to take home.

Find out more about our uniform policy here.

For children in KS2 (Years3-6), meals cost £2.40/day.

For children in Year R, 1 or 2, meals are free.

Find out more here.

Our school gates open at 8:30am. Your child must be in their classroom by 8:45am for registration.

At the end of the day, the gates open at 3:10pm, in order for you to pick up your child at 3:20pm – this is when the school day finishes. The gates are locked at 3:45pm.

Please avoid using the main reception each morning and afternoon unless you need to speak to the office. The side gates are where parents and carers should access the school site to bring their children to school – and of course collect them!

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