New Year R Parents Page

Welcome to St Mark’s! We hope that this page can help give you information over the next few weeks and months to support your child starting with us in September.

Despite the restrictions from covid-19, we want to help you child settle into St Mark’s as easily as possible – both before September, and after. We’ll be in touch with more details about what that will look like.

What do you need to do now?

1. Make sure that you have accepted the place, via the Hampshire Admissions system.

2. Complete this registration form as soon as possible.

3. Email the photos mentioned in the form to We recommend using this free and secure service (simply upload the files, set a password and a ‘1 download’ limit, and then email us the link and password).

4. Look out for emails in your inbox/spam/junk folders that give more information. We’ll update this page too.

5. Read our prospectus about St Mark’s here. (to be added soon!)

6. Check out the BBC Bitesize “Starting Primary School” page.

Q. What is the plan for the next few weeks and months?

This is a tricky one to answer at the moment. Until the government give advice around children returning back to school, there is little we can plan for. However, we are working on a virtual meeting with the Year R and leadership team, so that you can get to know us a bit more, and vice-versa. Can we encourage you to show the children our website, and to watch the videos on this page (including the stories and the meet the team video), as it will help them to put a face to a name.


Q. What will happen in September?

In a normal year, the first few weeks include a phased start for Year R children. For example, morinings or afternoons only, and this is built up over the space of a few weeks. This also helps to reduce numbers in Year R, giving each child more quality time with the adults, and a less busy environment. Initially, the children will be exhausted, even just after half a day! Like many schools, we have used this phased-start approach for many years, and it does work well.


Q. What do I tell my children?

Things are uncertain at the moment, but this doesn’t need to affect the way you talk about transition with children of this age. We approach a lot of things thinking like an adult, but kids tend to be more resilient than adults in many ways. They don’t need to know that things aren’t happening the way they would do normally. They take things at face value and tend to throw themselves into most things – we just sometimes need to shield them from our own worries. The conversation can be as simple as “we’re waiting for a message to tell us when you’re going to start school, isn’t that really exciting?” And it is really exciting, for them and for their school. We can’t wait to meet them. (Taken from the BBC!)


Q. Where can I find basic information about the school, like uniform details, timings, where to drop off etc?

Just visit this page!


Q. Can you tell me about after school clubs?

We run a range of after school clubs. Each term, we offer a variety of school-led and externally-led clubs that typically end around 4:15pm. Our summer offering looked like this. There is a high demand for these clubs, which are usually free or nominal cost. We do our best to give all children a fair chance at them. For Year R clubs, these would only be during school hours when they are run. We also run a breakfast club from 8am in the morning, which costs £2.50/day. There is a reduced charge of £1 from 8:20am, but without breakfast. Finally, we also have an afters-school ‘wrap around care’ from 3:20pm-6pm. This is run by SCL, and details can be found here. It is much enjoyed by those who attend.


Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.


Year R Induction Video

An informative video for parents and children who are joining St Mark’s in Sept 2020. Please have a cup of tea and enjoy! Below is a playlist of the different parts, or click here to watch the full video.

Listen to the Year R teachers read a story

Meet Mrs Baird, Mrs Hearn, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Rushton, and listen to them read a story!

Waiting Lists & Appeals information

We’ve had quite a few phone calls about waiting lists and appeals.

Waiting Lists

For parents and carers who unfortunately didn’t get a place at St Mark’s for September, but put us down as 1st choice or otherwise, a waiting list gets established. From Tuesday 28th April, we can let you know information about your child’s position on the waiting list. Please email the school (rather than phone) at, stating the parents full name and phone number, the child’s full name, address and DOB. We can then check against our records and get back to you with the information asap.


Appeals are managed through Hampshire Admissions. More information can be found here.

The deadline for appeals is the 18th May 2020. It is worth noting that there is much work involved in an appeal for both school and parent, and that very few appeals are successful. It is also worth reading the admission policy for Sept 2020-21, as this is critical to any appeal made. Decisions made are based on the criteria in the policy.

Welcome New Year R children and families!

Today is the day when parents and carers hear about the school place awarded for starting Year R in September. We want to welcome you and your child into the St Mark’s community, and look forward to getting to know you as we begin the school journey together.

You will hopefully have received an email this morning from Hampshire Admissions offering the place (or postal offers are on their way). We have also sent an email to all successful applicants this morning, so please do look out for that (including in your spam/junk folder). Our email gives information about what to do next, especially in these different times. Just a reminder – it’s important not to come into school until we give further information. Thank you.

We will be in touch via email with more information, and on this page on our website.