Poles Apart

Our new topic of Poles Apart has started and the children are really enjoying learning about the different animals and climate that are found in the Poles. This week we have received a letter from Father Christmas asking for our help in finding information about the animals which live in the Poles. As part of our English, we are researching some facts and will be writing an infomation book for Father Christmas.

In maths, we have been learning about our pairs of numbers to make numbers within 10 and to 10. A great game to play at home is…


We will be building on our number bond learning by developing our knowledge of addition and subtraction over the coming weeks.

This week we have also thought about fireworks and how to stay safe. We created our own firework pictures.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team

Year 1 Update

The children have been busy this term with our topic ‘Hungry, Hungry Animals’. We enjoyed learning about our artist of the moment, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and exploring our own way of creating a vegetable inspired piece of artwork.

We have explored our senses and been on a senses walk around school, looking for signs of autumn using our sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch. We then used this to help us write an Autumn poem. The children enjoyed using their presentation skills to decorate and present their poems.This week we will also be exploring our sense of taste when we make our vegetable kebabs. Look out for photos of us making them!

Thank you for all your continued support with reading with your child at home and helping them to learn their keywords.

Year 1 Team

Welcome back!

Wow – what an amazing start back to the new school year! The Year 1 children have all settled in well into their new classes and are learning the new routines quickly. Thank you for all your help with encouraging your children into class.

The children have started their new topic of ‘Hungry, Hungry Animals’ with learning all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

This week, we have enjoyed retelling the story through pictures, writing and role-play. In our Art, we have been exploring the use of paint and learning about primary and secondary colours. The children learnt to mix secondary colours through finger painting and have then painted their own butterflies and mini-beasts.


In maths, we have been practising our counting forwards and backwards. The children have been exploring the different maths resources and learning to show one more and one less than a number using these resources.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to our curriculum evening last week, it was lovely to see you all and answer your questions. Please see the attached power-point for the information given out and feel free to come and ask any of the Year 1 team if you have any questions. Y1 Curriculum Evening PPT

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to the following year with your fantastic children.

Year 1 Team (Mrs Carter, Miss Jamieson, Miss Hall)










Year 1 visit to Sir Hillier Gardens

What a fantastic day we all had at Hillier Gardens!

The weather was kind and the children all had a great day. We enjoyed learning about how seeds grow and finding out about how they don’t always make it into a plant. We enjoyed sweeping the long grass looking for the mini-beasts that live there. The children loved exploring the ponds and finding the different animals and insects. Many newts were found alongside dragonfly nymphs, water beetles and snails.

We also loved smelling all the different plants in the sensory garden and made our very own ‘smelly’ caterpillar to take home. The children explored Jurassic plants, enormous bamboo and walked across the wobbly bridge, making sure they didn’t fall in the swamp!

Year 1 had a fantastic day and have since enjoyed writing recounts and thank you letters all about their visit. They were all well-behaved and a credit to St Marks. They were a pleasure to take on the trip.

The Year 1 Team

Summer term update!

We hope you have all had a wonderful half term with your children and you all enjoyed the sunshine when it arrived! The children thoroughly enjoyed making their gardening bags at the end of last half term and learning about plants. Our plants learning will continue this term with our new topic of ‘Nature Detectives’, which will see us grow some of our own plants. We are all looking forward to our trip to Hillier’s Gardens in a couple of weeks, where we will get to explore many different plants from those found in our school grounds.

In English this term, we will be writing our own stories based upon the story ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ and thinking about different places that might be at the top of the beanstalk. As part of our maths, we will be continuing to practise our counting and writing of numbers accurately and talking about how we know numbers are bigger or smaller than each other.

Reminder: Please can we ask for your child’s PE kit to be in school everyday, as sometimes we need to change the day we carry out PE. Also as sports day approaches, we like to have extra practises of some of the activities.

Thank you for your continued support,

Year 1 Team

Year 1 update

Wow – what a lovely sunny week! We have enjoyed exploring our surroundings and thinking about what changes we can see as we head towards summer. This week we have been learning about acrostic poems and are thinking about nouns and adjectives that tell us more about Summer like ‘the dazzling hot sun’.

The children have been having great fun using their sewing skills to make their gardening bags. Later this week they will be making their motifs for the front of their bags.

In maths we have been helping Percy share his plants equally across his garden. We have been learning more about finding half and quarter of amounts and shapes. Next week we will be continuing to practise counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 to help us solve problems relating to multiplication.

Year 1 Team

It’s all about plants!

Year 1 have been having great fun this week exploring and learning about the different trees and flowers in our school grounds. They were able to name trees such as Birch, Beech and Willow and even spotted some flowers such as Buebells and Forget-me-not’s. We have also been learning about Henri Rousseau and looked at his painting ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm.’ The children enjoyed creating their own version using collage materials. Can you spot the animals hiding?


In maths this week, we have been exploring 2d and 3d shapes. Maybe quiz your children on the names of them and whether they can describe any shapes they see around them?

The children have also begun their DT project, where they are learning to sew. Today we spent the afternoon learning an overcast and blanket stitch. They did brilliantly and are looking forward to using their new skills to help them make a gardening bag to carry seeds.

Year 1 Team

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Summer term in Year 1!

The children have settled well into their new project this term, A Gardener’s World! They have started to learn about living and non-living things around them in Science and we’ll continue this over the next few weeks through looking at plants.

In English this week, the children have found out about Percy the Park Keeper and have written a character description about him. They enjoyed writing their own letters to Percy; describing themselves, explaining how they looked and their likes and dislikes.


In maths, we have been developing our understanding of addition and subtraction, using multi-link and number lines to help us solve calculations. Next week, we will be continuing the ideas learnt this week when we practise our number bonds to 10 and 20.

Thank you for all the homework which has been returned this week and for all your support in helping your child to complete this. If you have any questions regarding homework, please come and talk with us.

The Year 1 Team (Mrs Carter, Mrs Hearn, Miss Jamieson)

Mrs Armitage in Year 1

This term we have had great fun reading Mrs Armitage on Wheels, a story about a lady who adapts her bicycle by adding horns, a chair for her dog and umbrellas to keep her dry.  The children wrote stories about Mrs Armitage’s roller-skates and designed exciting adaptations such as bubble machines to cheer her up, a rocket booster to speed her along or a parachute to slow her down.

We have been exploring mechanisms and techniques for creating moving pictures.  We learnt how to make a hinge, lever and pivot and a slider.  The children then designed and made their own moving pictures showing a new vehicle for Mrs Armitage.   We had lots of lovely ideas: a helicopter, a tractor and even a Lamborghini!

In Science, we explored the different materials that Mrs Armitage would need to mend her umbrella. The children had great fun exploring which materials were waterproof!

Spring 2 update

What a busy start back to term! The children are really enjoying learning about their new topic, Transport. They have learnt about how trains, cars and aeroplanes have changed throughout history and are writing a non-chronological report all about the information they have found out. In maths, they have been exploring capacity and time and are now learning more about addition and subtraction.

Year 1 have now started having maths homework sent fortnightly. Remember, their first homework was due in last week. Well done to those children who have already brought it back in but if you haven’t then please bring it in this week.

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