Rockstars Competition: Who has the fastest Rock Speed?

It’s been lovely to see so many more children using RockStars to practise their times tables. If the children play enough in ‘Garage’, ‘Studio’ and ‘Sound-check’, their speed is measured to show their progress.

Last week, we looked at who had the fastest rock speed in the school. Here are the speediest players in each year group:

Year 2

Kalel ‘Sean Hulsey’ = 17.65 seconds per question

Kayla ‘K.Scogin’ = 23.08 seconds per question

Year 3

Benjamin ‘Al Who’ = 5.22 seconds per question

Aiden ‘Five Blackpoolrock’ = 12.24 seconds per question

Samuel ‘Terry Sherwood’ = 12.5 seconds per question

Year 4

Ayush ‘Justin Reading’ = 1.29 seconds per question

Daniel ‘Vic.T.Hendrix’ = 1.67 seconds per question

Jonathan ‘Johnny Hatrix = 1.78 seconds per question

Year 5

Amalie ‘Roxy Coppola’ = 0.93 seconds per question

Amy ‘Fruity Floyd’ = 1.52 seconds per question

Leo ‘Benjamin Rockpaperscissors’ = 1.67 seconds per question

Year 6

Imogen ‘Libby Stitch’ = 0.96 seconds per question

Sophie ‘Emily Malkmus’ = 1.13 seconds per question

Nayra ‘Ann Manning’ = 1.16 seconds per question


Well done! Come and see Miss Goddard to collect your RockStars certificate this week.

Next time, the winners of each year group will be those children who are showing resilience in learning their times tables. This will be children who are practising a lot at home and not giving up, even when they are finding their times tables tricky. These children will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Our past competition winners are displayed outside Year 3 in our RockStars ‘Hall of Fame’ – come and take a look if you can.





The Museum of the Stone Age

Dear Parents, Carers, Family and Friends,

This is just a reminder that tomorrow morning, Thursday 1st November, our Year 3 students will be opening their Stone Age Museum to share with everyone their home-learning tasks.

It would be lovely if you are able to come along and see their exhibits. The museum will be in the main hall from 9:00 am to 9:30 am. Please don’t worry if you are unable to attend, there will be lots of adults to make sure every child has several visitors to talk to them about their work.

Thank you all so much for the support you have given the children to complete their home-learning task for this project.

The Year 3 Team

Half Term Rockstars Competition

Battle of the Bands!

The ‘Battle of the Bands’ has been running for 5 days now and it’s great to see so many people playing at home.

Only 2 days left in the competition so how are the scores looking?

Year 2 are currently beating Year 3.

Year 4 are currently beating Year 3.

Year 5 are currently beating Year 4.

Year 5 are currently beating Year 6.

Overall, it seems that Year 2, 4 and 5 are practising lots at home. Year 3 and 6 are going to need to up their game a little in order to beat their opponents!

Log on to gain points for your Year Group’s ‘Band’ whilst also earning yourself lots of coins to spend at the online shop.

Rock on!

Year 2- Autumn 1

What a fabulous half term we’ve had in Year 3. The children have loved learning about the Stone Age and finding out about the past. Here are some photos of the wonderful art work that has been created using some Stone Age techniques.

Rock Stars Re-launch!

This week, we have re-launched the very popular ‘Rockstars’ website which St Mark’s have been using for the last year. This platform allows children to practise their times tables in a fun, personalised and competitive way. We have certainly seen a boost in the children’s love of learning their tables as well as children securing these facts much quicker. Here are a few reminders to help you support your children at home.


Logging on

Go to the website: and select the ‘Login’ option.

Firstly, type in the school – St Mark’s CofE Primary School, Basingstoke. It should appear in a drop down menu so you don’t have to type in the whole name. Once the school name is entered correctly, the children will then login with their personal details which have been distributed. Their username will be the first 3 letters of the first name followed by the first 3 letters of their surname. Their password will be 3 random letters.




Practice makes Perfect!

Under the ‘Play’ section, there are many ways for the children to reinforce and learn their times tables. They can select one of the options depending on whether they want to learn their tables, improve their speed or just get competitive! Here is a quick overview of each Play section.


Garage: Times tables set by the child’s class teacher. Set the timer to 1, 2 or 3 minutes and collect 10 coins for every correct answer.

Studio: Times tables set by the child’s class teacher. The timer is set to 1 minute and collect 1 coin for every correct answer. Play in Studio enough and the child’s ‘Rock Status’ will improve!

Sound Check: Times tables set by the child’s class teacher. 20 questions are set and the children have 5 sections to answer each one. 5 coins can be collected for each answer.

Festival: Practise all times tables competing with children from all over the world! Collect 1 coin for every correct answer.

Arena: Practise all times tables competing with children from the same year group (bandmates). Collect 1 coin for every correct answer.

RockSlam: Practise all times tables competing with children from the same year group (bandmates) by selecting or being selecting to challenge others. Collect 1 coin for every correct answer. 

After each game, there will be a breakdown of the performance including number of questions correct, incorrect, speed and coins collected.




Spending Earnings

As a reward of all their hard work, children will collect ‘coins’ when they play games. These can be spent in the ‘Shop’ section where children can buy new items and accessories for their avatar. Of course – the more coins collected, the more exciting the items are which can be purchased.




Class Competitiveness!

Miss Goddard and the Year 6 RockStars ambassadors are going to be busy checking statistics and will be coming around to classes in the next few weeks to reward children for their hard work. They will be giving out certificates for achievements such as ‘Highest Earner’, ‘Most Played’, ‘Rock Status’ and ‘Fastest Speed’. The competition is on!




We hope that children enjoy this exciting resource; please encourage children to have a go at logging in at home to aid their maths. Feel free to pop in and speak to your child’s class teacher if there are any problems or you need further guidance.


Happy Rocking!

Maths Team


Final Day of Year 3 Fun

Dear All

Just a quick note about arrangements for Monday.

3C have been told they can come into school wearing their PE kit all day if they want.

3H and 3B should come into school wearing their school uniform.

We are really looking forward to our final day together.

Miss Hardy, Mrs Chapman and Miss Barnett

Summer Term Learning

This term is racing by and the children have shown such great enthusiasm for their learning about the Titanic through their History. The homework we have received has been of a superb standard and the children are truly proud of what they have been bringing in.

Our book study this term has ‘My Dad’s a Birdman’ by David Almond. Through this, the children have produced some excellent diary entries and are developing their skills of writing like a journalist. The children really engaged with this story of  faith, wings, love and dumplings.

It seems such a long time ago but Year 3 made us really proud of their sporting spirit during Sports’ Day this half term.

All of our PE lessons are outdoors this half term and many children are not bringing hats to school. Please could you remind your children to bring their hat and water bottle to school daily.

An urgent plea:

We are planning a Titanic piece of art and are in need of shoe boxes. We would be hugely grateful if you could send all your unwanted shoe boxes to school as soon as possible.

We would also really appreciate the following items:

  • clean bottle lids and tops
  • cereal packets
  • scraps of material and ribbons
  • old wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • clean yoghurt or snack pots

And finally…

We are all really looking forward to our trip to SeaCity on Monday, 9th July. We will be leaving school at 9:00am. Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch and a water bottle. We will let you know all about the children’s learning on our return.

Thank you once more for your continued support.

Miss Hardy, Mrs Chapman and Miss Barnett

Flower Power in Year 3

What a great start to the term we have had. The children have been really engaged in our learning about plants and have thoroughly enjoyed planting seeds, looking after plants and noticing how the trees around the school have blossomed.

In our English work, we have written explanations about plants and how they grow, while in Science, we have looked at the parts of a plant, and what they need to grow successfully. In class the children have dissected daffodils to help identify the different parts of the plant, particularly the flower. They have also investigated how water travels through the stem of a plant using food colouring.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about shapes, both 2D and 3D. The children really enjoyed making models of different 3D shapes using match sticks and modelling clay.

This week we have begun learning about the New Forest, this has influenced our English work where we have started to learn about legends. The children have been introduced to two historical figures from the New Forest, Brusher Mills, the snake -catcher and King Rufus, a barbaric king for whom the New Forest was his hunting ground. These two characters will inspire and form the basis of the children’s own New Forest legends.

Through our Geography, we have been looking at maps, and thinking about why the New Forest is special.

We hope that you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, and if you are looking for a place to visit, the New Forest has lovely walks, a super wildlife centre and Rufus Stone.

Many thanks for your continued support

Miss Hardy, Miss Barnett and Mrs Chapman

Year 3 Update

What a cracking term the Spring term was! We were so proud of the children and all of their hard work throughout the term and especially in the Easter Production. We hope you all had a wonderful and restful Easter holiday.

We have begun the summer term with a bang and are really pleased that the sun has finally come out to join us. This term we are learning about plants in Science and the New Forest in Geography. This will inform our learning through our Art and English too.

The children are already enthusiastic about plants, and this week we have planted seeds, looked at the way the plants in the school grounds are changing, and dissected daffodils to help identify different parts. They are also thinking about the different conditions that plants need to grow successfully. We certainly have some budding gardeners in our year group!

During the Spring term , Year 3 were hugely fortunate to be treated to some fantastic Music workshops arranged by Mrs Chapman, this term we still have an International Music Workshop to look forward to.  The children have listened to a huge variety of music through history, and have taken part in some fabulous dancing too.

As the weather becomes warmer, we would ask that you ensure your child comes to school with a water bottle, a hat and that you put sun cream on them in the morning. We love learning outside!

This term our PE days are Monday and Wednesday (3H and 3B) and Thursday (3C). Please ensure that you remind your child to bring their PE kit on a Monday if they take it home on a Friday.

We are planning to take the children on a school trip in July, we are still in the process of arranging this, but a letter will be sent home soon with all the information that you will need. Thank you again for your continued support, we are all looking forward to a fabulous summer term!


The Year 3 Team

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