J Rock Photos

As the half term has come to an end, we just wanted to say another massive well done to all of those children who took part in J Rock this year. It was a huge success and it is safe to say that all children and adults involved had a fantastic day.

We are incredibly proud of all of the children and all of their hard work since October.

Below are a couple of the photos from the day and the performance. There will be a letter coming out regarding purchases of the photos within the first week back, so keep a look out in your children’s bags.

Thank you again for all of your support and we are already planning and looking forward to next year.

Miss Thomas and Miss Barnett


Food Technology – Mayan Inspired Chilli

As part of Design and Technology this term, Year 6 will be cooking a Mayan-inspired ‘chilli con carne’ one morning over the next two weeks. If your child has not yet received a letter, it will be sent home today explaining which day they are cooking on and to ask for a contribution towards one of the ingredients. Please can we kindly ask that ingredients are sent in the day previous to them cooking.

We will be cooking the chilli for lunch, so your child may have this instead of packed lunch or a school dinner if they wish.


Kind regards

Year 6

World Book Day

It was such a pleasure seeing all the fantastic outfits which Year 6 wore on World Book Day. The day was full of fun book-related activities which included writing a postcard to Mr Applegate in the voice of their book day character, turning their classroom door into a book front cover and also, creating a new book character which had the Heartsmart values.


Inspiring Illustrators

Of course, part of the enjoyment of reading isn’t just the words, but also the pictures and illustrations. The children were set the challenge of researching different illustrators and choosing someone who captured their interest to focus on. After the children had chosen their illustrator, they carefully observed how line and colour had been used in order to mimic their drawing style and create illustrations of different teachers!


The results were rather amusing – here are a selection…




Windmill Hill DVD


If you haven’t done so already, just a reminder that the order form and money for the Windmill Hill DVD needs to be handed in tomorrow at the latest.

We are hoping to distribute these within a week.


year 6 team


Hockey Games

Well done to our school hockey players!

The blue team (Nayra, Ellie, Dylan, Thomas, Emily, Cian, Benjamin) won 4/4 games on Thursday – fingers crossed the 12 points scored will bump us higher up in the league!

The green team (Georgia, Ashton, Miguel, Rhys, Ruby, Summer, Poppy) lost 1, drew 1 and won 2 with one of the matches 4-0 to us!

Both teams played amazingly, showing such resilience and clearly demonstrated how ‘No way through isn’t true’ even in the pouring rain!

We have one more competition left and need to get into the top two in the league to go through to the Hampshire Games.


The children have been fascinated by our learning this term about life in the Polar Regions. We would like to share some of their Geography work with you – it is clear how important our learning behaviour of pride is by the stunning presentation of their work.


Geography in the Spring Term

They began their journey by learning about the World’s biomes: rainforest, desert, tundra, polar ice and taiga. During this lesson, the children considered why some places in the world are colder than others due to the position of the sun and the equator.

Polar animals were also studied. The children carried out research in order to sort animals by criteria such as whether they live in Antarctica or the Arctic; whether they are land, sea or air; and additionally, whether the animal is a mammal, a bird or something else. This activity revealed some surprising information that there are in fact, no land mammals in Antarctica. In order to gage how these animals survive in such extreme conditions, the children also researched how different animals are adapted to life in the North and South Poles.

In order to understand the conditions of the Polar Regions, the children made predictions about temperatures and precipitation around the World. They were then given facts and were very surprised by some of the findings. For example, the Antarctic is actually a very dry place, making it a desert! Cold days in England are bad enough, but the South Pole has reached temperatures of almost -89 degrees Celsius!

Another study in Geography is to understand lifestyles around the world. Linking to the Polar Regions, the children studied the Inuit – a large group of people native to the Arctic. The children chose an area which captured their interest such as clothing, shelter, food or transport. Some children also looked into how the Inuit way of life has changed over time and that nowadays, the Inuit have adapted to modern life.





Christmas is Coming!

Christmas Art

To add a touch of Christmas Spirit, each year group at St Mark’s has been getting creative designing and making a piece of Christmas art which represents a particular Christmas carol.

A group of children volunteered themselves to be involved in our Year 6 Christmas Art where they created a picture to represent ‘Hark the Herald’. Each child was given a piece of an original picture; they then used their observational skills to transcribe this onto a larger piece of sugar paper using the medium of oil pastels. The children were amazed when we put all the pieces back together.

Our finished artwork!

Our artwork is displayed on the middle grey board in the office if you would like to have a look over the coming weeks.


Christmas Carol Concert

Just a reminder to return the permission slip to attend the Christmas Carol Concert evening performance on Tuesday 18th December. It is an expectation that all children attend unless we are informed otherwise.


Evacuation Day

Our evacuation day is Monday and we have a range of activities planned for this special enrichment day. See our previous post for a reminder of the details:



Year 6 Team

Ghanaian Day: Raising Hope Foundation

Friday was a very thought-provoking day for Year 6 as the children considered the difference between the wants and needs of a child. As the Christmas season is upon us, it got the children thinking about their Christmas lists and the attitudes that can be developed from living in a fortunate Western society. 

The children wrote emotive poetry in order to challenge thinking, help others to identify the differences between us and the Ghanaian people and also to help people recognise and appreciate how lucky we are. We linked this to our Christian Value of Humility.

Here is a selection of their poetry:













Rockstars Competition: Who has the fastest Rock Speed?

It’s been lovely to see so many more children using RockStars to practise their times tables. If the children play enough in ‘Garage’, ‘Studio’ and ‘Sound-check’, their speed is measured to show their progress.

Last week, we looked at who had the fastest rock speed in the school. Here are the speediest players in each year group:

Year 2

Kalel ‘Sean Hulsey’ = 17.65 seconds per question

Kayla ‘K.Scogin’ = 23.08 seconds per question

Year 3

Benjamin ‘Al Who’ = 5.22 seconds per question

Aiden ‘Five Blackpoolrock’ = 12.24 seconds per question

Samuel ‘Terry Sherwood’ = 12.5 seconds per question

Year 4

Ayush ‘Justin Reading’ = 1.29 seconds per question

Daniel ‘Vic.T.Hendrix’ = 1.67 seconds per question

Jonathan ‘Johnny Hatrix = 1.78 seconds per question

Year 5

Amalie ‘Roxy Coppola’ = 0.93 seconds per question

Amy ‘Fruity Floyd’ = 1.52 seconds per question

Leo ‘Benjamin Rockpaperscissors’ = 1.67 seconds per question

Year 6

Imogen ‘Libby Stitch’ = 0.96 seconds per question

Sophie ‘Emily Malkmus’ = 1.13 seconds per question

Nayra ‘Ann Manning’ = 1.16 seconds per question


Well done! Come and see Miss Goddard to collect your RockStars certificate this week.

Next time, the winners of each year group will be those children who are showing resilience in learning their times tables. This will be children who are practising a lot at home and not giving up, even when they are finding their times tables tricky. These children will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Our past competition winners are displayed outside Year 3 in our RockStars ‘Hall of Fame’ – come and take a look if you can.





Year 6 Residential: Day 4 and 5

Day 4

Last night’s disco was a hit and the children danced all night – what a perfect way to end our fantastic week away.

Looking glam and glitzy on the dance floor.

Strike a pose Olivia! 

Day 5

Every single child was still sound asleep when the teachers gave them their wake up call this morning! The children are all packed up and enjoying their last two activities of the week before lunch.

We should be leaving the centre at 1:30 promptly. If traffic is clear, we should arrive home around 4 o’clock at the earliest but we’re anticipating that it will be a little later due to Friday traffic. We will give you a few updates on the way home to keep you informed.

I’m sure that you are looking forward to seeing your children and hearing about their exciting adventure. We are so proud of their achievements this week and PGL staff have made a point of commenting upon their excellent behaviour and manners – well done St Mark’s!

See you very soon,

Year 6

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