Year 6 News

We’ve settled back into learning  after an extremely exciting time at Windmill Hill. We hope you have caught up with the washing! We’ll be giving out certificates this week for their achievements whilst they were there.


We have been so impressed with the children’s writing this week; they have been creating a report about the layers of the Amazon rainforest with a focus on using different grammatical structures and advanced punctuation.


This week we have been printing with Amazon leaf designs that the children made – we have added these to the children’s Georgia O’Keeffe work. How stunning is our rainforest art display?


The children should have now brought home their first two pieces of homework – it was lovely to see such a positive attitude to homework with many completing it that night because they were so eager! A reminder:

  • Maths goes out on a Friday due in the following Friday
  • Grammar goes out on a Wednesday due in the following Wednesday

We recommend that children have a go at their homework over the first couple of days and bring it in if they need further support.


Year 6 Team



Windmill Hill Day 4

How is day 4 here already!? Last night’s Cluedo activity was great fun. In groups, and with the help of their torches, the children found the dressed up characters hiding around the site and had to do a challenge in order to gain access to a clue about the suspect.

Yet again, we had another soundless night’s sleep – it will be a full house if everyone sleeps through tonight! There was a heavy downpour of rain during the night which has made the ground soggy and in turn, the children extra muddy in some of their activities. Prepare for lots of washing this weekend!

We were delighted to be joined by Mr Applegate this morning who has been busy joining in with the groups. There has been lots of screaming today as lots of the groups have had the giant swing as one of their activities with others trying fencing for their first time. The children can’t wait to share their experiences with you and are so proud of their achievements.

After a week of being in old and dirty clothes, the children are looking forward to getting glammed up for their disco tonight. The song requests are already coming in, ready for them to dance the night away – what a lovely last evening it will be here at Windmill Hill.

Tomorrow we have a couple more activities in the morning before lunch and then we will be heading home. If there are no issues with traffic we should arrive at school at around half 4 but we will keep you posted on our return journey.

Scarlett thoroughly enjoyed getting as muddy as possible during her tunnel trail experience!

Children on their descent during the giant swing activity.

Will and Lucas are having a relaxing time in the lake after their canoeing experience.

Windmill Hill Day 3

After lots of running around during last night’s evening activity, the children went back to their cabins and got ready for bed. Lights were out by half 9 and the teachers were amazed as they didn’t hear a single peep out of the children all night; this could be a record for the most soundless sleepers we’ve had at Windmill Hill over the years!

Some of today’s activities have included canoeing; the children learned some basic techniques to help them steer in the water and then engaged in many fun games. Lots of the children enjoyed purposely capsizing their boat so there was lots of laughter! The children have also taken part in Jacob’s ladder – a giant ladder made from logs where you have to work as a team to climb as many of the ‘steps’ as possible. At Windmill Hill, they also have a sensory trail where the children are blindfolded and then a member of PGL leads them around a course where their senses of sound and touch are heightened which can make their imaginations run away with them!

Tonight, for our evening activity, we have a human game of Cludeo where the children will make their way around the site meeting PGL staff dressed in costume who may be willing to share clues.

Windmill Hill Day 2 Update

We’ve had a brilliant full day at Windmill Hill. The children have been doing a wide range of activities including zooming down a zipwire, getting drenched during raft building and facing their fears at the top of trapeze! The children have been courageous and have been trying their best to join in with everything. The room inspections and teddy bear competitions are also well underway! A delicious lunch of fresh baguettes was served with pasta bolognese as one of the dinner options. Luckily, the weather in Hailsham has also been good with some glorious rays this afternoon. The children are about to enjoy their evening activity – capture the flag – before getting some sleep before another full on day tomorrow.

Windmill Hill update

The children enjoyed their first evening gathering – sitting around the campfire singing songs and listening to silly stories.

All the children slept well and have enjoyed a cooked breakfast this morning.  They are eager to get started on their activities!

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