Year 2 are pioneers!

Happy New Year! We are really pleased with how the children have come back to school and are eager to learn. We hope you found the reports helpful and we look forward to seeing you at our parents’ evenings later this half term or early next half term.








We started our exciting new topic about ‘Pioneers’ by looking at the fictional ‘pioneer’ of Mr Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and linking this with our science topic on healthy eating. Yesterday, we began our history topic with a big reveal from a mystery suitcase. We used the clues to discover facts about Florence Nightingale, and over this half term we will be considering her’s and Mary Secole’s contribution to modern day nursing. We are sending our knowledge organiser home today so please feel free to use this and talk to your children about what they are learning.

Our project outcome for this half term will culminate in a healthy eating recipe book, linked with healthy eating in science. We will be using our instruction writing in English to write our recipes and will pick our favourites to make during our Food Technology lessons. To help answer our key question: ‘What could my mission be?’, we will be publishing our recipes into a book, Each class will also pick a charity to support and ask for a small donation to buy our super recipe books. This will help them to learn about ways to make a difference by being ‘pioneers’ of change. We anticipate having these exciting recipe books ready for purchase just after half term. 

On Friday, we will be sending homework to write a recipe for your favourite healthy snack. We would appreciate you talking to your child about healthy choices and supporting them with writing simple instructions to make this. Please be as creative as you like, but remember to keep it healthy!

As ever, please feel free to pop in if you have any questions or queries. 

The Year 2 Team