Welcome to FOSM!

The ‘Friends of St Mark’s’ (FOSM) was formed early in the life of the school. All parents are automatically members and our committee organises social events for children and adults and fund-raising events such as Key Stage discos, Easter Egg Hunts and Summer Fun days.

Over the last few years the ‘Friends’ have donated money that has contributed towards extra resources to benefit the children at St. Mark’s which has included playground equipment, books for the school library, and general school funds. We are now a registered charity, too. Charity number: 1188879

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FOSM Bookshop!

We are excited to announce that FOSM now has its own bookshop!  You can find it here:


For every book purchased through the site, FOSM will get 10% of the price.  

We have put together a wide selection of titles from activity books and books to save the planet, through to books to boost confidence as well as books being shared in school.  There are even some books for grown-ups on the site. 

If you would like to share any books that you and your family have enjoyed we’d be delighted to add them to the shop.  If there is a book you’d like to purchase, but its not listed in the bookshop yet, then you can drop us a line and we will make sure it’s added.

The FOSM Bookshop is hosted on a new platform that supports independent booksellers who are really struggling currently. was set up to provide a convenient and affordable alternative to buying through Amazon.  There is a small delivery charge on orders but all books are sold at a discount on rrp.  You can find out more about here:

Please contact Clare Hodder at with any questions about the shop or to send your recommendations or requests for books to add to the shop.


We’re raising £30,000!

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Why £30k? Covid is hitting us hard, like it is for all schools, businesses and families. Adding together the additional costs of managing our school in a covid-safe way, and the loss of income from our usual sources (including breakfast club and lettings), we will be approximately £30,000 below what was already a tight margin. It’s a very significant amount. We are committed to being a safe environment for children and adults, and this is a priority over the budget. The government reimburse very little of the covid-related costs (if any!). Your generosity through FOSM events and other methods is so much appreciated.

How can you raise money, or donate?

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Who are the elected members?

General email –

Cherie Parker – Chair –

Mandy Mullen – Treasurer –

Emma Bryant – Secretary –

Helen Cockburn – President