Year 2 – Update

Year Group News

What a busy half term we have had in Year 2! We are so pleased with how quickly the children settled into the routines of Year 2 and have been working extremely hard. It was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening and share all of their work so far.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Spiers good luck as she begins her maternity leave and we look forward to meeting her new addition in November. 2S are looking forward to welcoming Miss Cameron to join their class on Thursday and Friday. She has meet the children several times and spent time getting to know them over the last two weeks.

Congratulations to 2R who won Mr Applegate’s ‘Tidiest Classroom Award’ along with 3C before parents evening this week; he has rewarded them with a small chocolate treat to bring home.

Enjoy your break, after all the hard work this half term.

Year 2 Team




Year 2 – Latest News

We have had a busy couple of weeks and the children have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum. In English we have been learning about nouns, adjectives and verbs and using these within our poetry.

Green alien
Green alien jumping
Green alien jumping and leaping
Green alien Jumping and leaping at me

Thank you for practising with your number squares at home, keep up this practise as it is really helping. In Maths, we have been solving different calculations and using blank number lines as a strategy to help us. Let your children show you what they have learnt.

In Art, we have started our rockets and we are continuing to use our paper and paste skills to cover these. Here are some of the stages of our rockets. We are looking forward to painting them soon.







In Science, Winnie the Witch has been asking the children to help her prepare for the launch of her rocket. She didn’t want to wake Wilbur when making a cup of tea so needed the children to investigate and find the quietest spoon to stir her tea in the morning. The children then made a ‘Noise-O-Meter’ to record their results.

Other information:

  • School Council and Eco Committee forms have come home with children who would like to apply to represent their class. These need to be in by Monday 9th October. Elections will be held on Friday 13th October.
  • Maths homework will be coming home on Friday – to be returned by Friday 13th October.


Man on the Moon

What an exciting start to the year we have had! We are pleased with how well the children are settling into their new classes and learning the new routines.

The children are enjoying our topic about Neil Armstrong and have learnt lots of amazing facts about the Moon landing already. They have begun to develop their paper and paste skills by making planets and will soon be working on paper and paste rockets. With this in mind please can each child bring in a two litre or similar sized plastic bottle by Friday 29th September.

A couple of reminders:

  • Homework will come home on Friday 22nd September.
  • Please ensure children have a coat in school everyday and all clothing is named.
  • Please read as regularly as possible and record in your child’s reading log.

Look at our wonderful display.



WebRep Report Y2




When did Queen Elizabeth stop being  Queen? Queen Elizabeth 1 died  in 1603 and that’s when the Tudor period ended so there were no more Tudor Kings or Queens
Wow Fact!
Did you know why the Tudor period ended?…because Queen Elizabeth didn’t marry anyone so no one became King.
Queen Victoria’s  family
Queen Victoria had 9 children! She married someone called Albert who sadly died and Queen Victoria wore black for the rest of her life.
We learnt some Tudor dancing and every week we had to practise.  We filmed it and we had a competition against 2B and 2S, 2B won!  On Kings and Queens Day we performed the dance again.  Everyone did a great job!

Kings and Queens Dressing Up Day!
All classes in Year 2 dressed up in special clothes. The choices of costumes were:
•    Queens maid
•    Queen
•    King
•    Knight
The teachers took pictures of us in our costumes.  Here are some of the activities we did during our special day:
•    Fact file about  Queen Victoria
•    Our Tudor dance
•    Designed a crown for Queen Elizabeth II

•    Sketching
We all had a great time, you can see from the photos below!


We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Year 2 and we have started helping Mr Willy Wonka in maths. We learnt about RUCSAC which is a way of helping us to solve maths problems.
Here are some rules about RUCSAC:



The children that worked really hard were rewarded with a golden ticket.

We are also learning about how to keep healthy so we helped Mr Willy Wonka persuade the Oompa Loompas to eat more healthy food because they were eating lots of sweets and it wasn’t good.
We made posters thinking about things like:
Why should we eat healthy food?
What sort of foods are healthy?



Click below to read about Mrs Rosso



In Year 2 we have been learning about space and the first man on the moon. The Americans and the Russians had a race to see who would be the first country to land on the moon. The first man was an American called Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins set off in July 1969 from Florida, USA. The rocket was called Apollo 11 and the Lunar module was called the Eagle. When the Command Module went back through the Earth’s atmosphere around it was fire and they landed in the sea.
In space there are lot asteroids hitting the moon which make lots of craters. There is zero gravity in space, which means that you jump super duper high.