Pupil Opportunities

WebReps – This is a group of children who help to keep our school up-to-date on using technology safely. They also help to keep our website up-to-date!

School Council – This is made up of 1 member from each class. They discuss various ways to improve our school, and how to spend money that we raise for good causes. The School Council demonstrates democracy in action- and real voting booths are used to give it an authentic experience!

Eco-Warriors – This group of pupils make sure our school is being fair to our environment. They help us to understand the impact of recycling and saving electricity, and help us to appreciate the beautiful world we live in- and how to keep it that way!

RRR Ambassadors – These pupils help us to ensure we are being effective in our Rights and responsibilities! It makes a huge difference in our school.

Christian Voice Ambassadors – These pupils examine the way that our school teaches and promotes RE and our Christian ethos. They help us to make sure we do our very best in helping others understand and think through the big questions of life and also about the different beliefs in our world.

JRSOs – Our Junior Road Safety Officers helps our whole community to think carefully about what it means to stay safe on our roads.

Pupil Welfare Team – These pupils help to ensure that we understand and act on the welfare of our pupils during the school day, especially at break and lunchtimes.