Student Induction

Welcome to St Mark’s!

We hope you enjoy your experience with us! 

If you are to work with us, it’s vital you understand how to keep yourself and our children safe. That’s why we have this induction process. It may take you an hour, but you’ll also learn a lot through it all! Follow the steps below and complete the Google Form at the end as confirmation that you’ve done it.

Thank you for keeping our children safe.

Mr Applegate, Head Teacher

Induction Steps

  1. Read these key points:
    • If the fire alarm goes off, make your way to the playgound at the back of the school.
    • You should NEVER have your mobile phone out in class or when children are around. Only use it in the staff room.
    • If you see or hear anything that may be a concern, you must tell a member of staff quickly. Examples include: a child telling you that they are being hurt; a child or adult acting inappropriately, or; a child hurting another child.
    • Let us know if you have any allergies or medical conditions to be aware of.
    • Remember, you are a member of staff. You need to remain professional and behave how a member of staff would.
    • Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable place with a child (for example, in a cupboard or toilet). You should not be alone with a child. A staff memeber should always be around. This is to keep you safe and the children safe.
    • If you are going to be absent, email the school office as quickly as possible here:
  2. Uniform – you should be dressed smartly and appropriately. If you can see up it, down it, or through it, it’s not acceptable!
  3. Read our school vision – this is what we are all working towards!
  4. Read our code of conduct – this is how you will behave at school.
  5. Read KCSIE, and our child protection and safeguarding policies HERE (If you struggle with reading, you may wish to watch the safeguarding videos below.)
  6. Finally, complete this form after doing the steps above.

Who is who for safeguarding?


Simple safeguarding videos that you may find helpful