The Bridge Resourced Provision

The Bridge – A supportive provision for children with SEMH needs within St Mark’s CofE Primary School

‘The Bridge’ Resourced Provision is a supportive provision for up to seven children. It is for pupils who have a primary need of social, emotional and mental health needs on their EHC plan.  We provide the children with support from an excellent team of LSAs within their classroom or, at times, in the Bridge suite of rooms if required.  The Bridge is overseen by an Assistant Head Teacher, Rebekah Alsey, and managed on a day-to-day basis by our coordinator, Sara Haynes.

We passionately believe that with the right support in place to meet the needs of any child, great things can be achieved and our teachers, LSAs and Bridge staff work hard to personalise the provision given to each and every child we welcome.

It is our vision to support children with SEMH needs to become effective, self-regulated, motivated members of their school and community.  We aim to ensure each and every child has a sense of belonging to our community and are able to access the specialist support they need to learn.  We want them to learn to become the very best they can be as well as providing them with the strategies they need to deal with their sometimes overwhelming emotions.  We strive to support them through personalised, child-centred learning and behaviour plans so they can access a full and inspiring mainstream education and go on to lead happy, safe and enriching lives.

The Curriculum

The majority of our children spend their time within their class supported by our skilled LSAs but they also have the opportunity to complete their work within the provision, if needed, when things get too much in the classroom. Every child has a personalised learning and behvaiour plan which enables them to develop both their academic and social skills according to their own needs.  We also work closely with each child to develop their social, emotional and mental health needs through a variety of individual and group programs to help each child build their self-esteem and emotional resilience.


Our children deserve the very best teaching and support staff.  The Bridge is overseen by Mrs Alsey who has a wealth of experience in supporting children with SEMH.  She is supported by her effective and passionate team co-ordinator, Sara Haynes and an amazing team of LSAs who have a variety of different strengths and skills in supporting children with special educational needs.

Extra Curricula Activities

We aim to ensure that children are able to access clubs and extra curricula activities where appropriate.  Risk assessments are made with the involvement of parents and carers to ensure the safety of each child and to determine any specialist provision that may be needed.

Home and School Links

We value parental input in all aspects of a child’s learning and support.  It is a crucial part of their success and we work hard to ensure every parent feels listened to and supported with their child.  We provide information for parents through home-school daily learning sheets, telephone conversations, emails and face to face meetings when required.  We firmly believe that parents know their children best and can be a wealth of information in helping to support a child successfully.