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Investing in young people through mentoring

St Mark’s CofE Primary School and The Parish of Basingstoke Down are joining forces to make a difference to pupils in the school! Find out more here.

Interested in being a mentor? Register your interest here.

What is Amigos?!

Amigos is about mentoring.

Mentoring is really simple. It’s about intentionally getting to know someone, over time, through doing simple activities, hobbies or games. Through those activities, and through the conversations that happen, a mentor builds a relationship with a mentee. This develops the confidence of the mentee, improves their social skills, and gives them a trust in people – someone to talk to if they have worries or questions.

Amigos simply provides a way to help connect mentors and mentees, in a safe and secure environment.

What does it take to be a mentor?

For 45 minutes a week, you’ll meet with a child at St Mark’s CofE Primary School. What you do is dependent on you! For example, if you love puzzles, or enjoy crafts, or love board games, or like photography, or prefer gardening, or…. whatever your interest is, it can be used in mentoring. As you meet with the child and share your activity, the mentoring just happens; trust is gained, skills are learned, and a mentoring relationship develops.

We provide…

  • Training and induction processes
  • Full DBS & safeguarding support
  • Help with knowing what to do
  • A place, a child and resources!

You provide…

  • An hour a week, on a regular day and time.
  • A bit of preparation time.
  • A desire to see a young child thrive.

How do I apply to be a mentor?

It’s important to attend one of our Zoom meetings to find out more. During the zoom meetings, we will discuss the application process.

What about safeguarding?

This is the most important part of Amigos. From the very start, we carry out thorough checks, references and interviews to ensure all mentors are safe for our children. We’ll also provide safeguarding training initially, as well as top-up training. A DSL will oversee the programme, and the programme will run under the safeguarding procedures of St Mark’s CofE Primary School.

Key Dates

The application deadline is Monday 27th March.

Training sessions are in April and May.

Amigos mentoring sessions start in June/July!