School Council Update

My name is Aimee and I am the school council update monitor. I would like to share what we had been talking about in meetings.

This year the school council have been thinking about playtimes and lunchtimes and how we can make these even more exciting. Yesterday we met with Mr Murrey from Planet Education to decide on lunchtime sports clubs for the Spring term.

We are hoping to create a quiet reading zone where books will be available to read. We have lots of exciting ideas and look forward to sharing these with you very soon.

Aimee – School Council Rep


School Council

On Thursday the School Council were very lucky to visit the council chambers and meet the Deputy Mayoress of Basingstoke. We were able to ask her lots of questions to find out about her role. We then held our own meeting, led brilliantly by our chair Ashton and vice chair Jack. We even got to use the microphones so had to take turns to share and debate. We visited the Mayor’s Parlour and then went for a walk around the peace garden before returning to school. The Mayoress was very impressed with the children’s behaviour and how well they spoke about St Mark’s School.