Agents of Change

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Agents of Change

We believe it’s crucial that our children see themselves as making a positive impact on our world. We help them to see themselves as Agents of Change, making our world a better place through their simple actions. This may start at school – in the classroom, on the playground, bringing a smile, sharing resources, or playing together. 

We celebrate ways in which our children make a difference in our world – this may be in their local community, doing something very simple like doing a litter pick or writing a letter/email.

Examples include…

  • Supporting and liaising with Mud House Foundation (see our newsletter here)
  • Littering picking as shown by Jack, Liam and Sophie in our newsletter here.
  • Looking at local and international heros who make a difference, like this
  • See some our ‘Change our World‘ activities from 2019. We’ve been at this for a while!