Personalised Drawstring Bag – Details and Order

Details and how to order

  • Children can now bring in a draw string back pack as a school bag.
  • For Years R-5, please don’t bring in normal backpacks or book bags. We don’t have space! Year 6 can bring in their current back packs, or can switch to the drawstring option if they prefer. This is because of increased space in Year 6 classrooms.
  • You can chose to bring in your own draw string bag (without logos/wording please).
  • Alternatively you can purchase a branded, personalised St Mark’s school bag.
  • Each draw string bag costs £7 (speak to us if you need financial support).
  • The bag will have the school logo embroidered on the front.
  • You can optionally have your child’s name embroidered on the back too.
  • Choose the colour of the bag, too. It’s your choice! It’s a way to show we are all different, yet we are still one school!
  • Our bag supplier is Oh Sew Quirky (local to Basingstoke). Please use the code ‘COLLECTION’ to have the bag delivered to school and save on postage!

Colour Choices


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Embroidered Logo example

Embroidered Logo example