We Are One!

We Are One Large

Our world is amazing! We’re made up of many different cultures and races, colours and beliefs, interests and skills, abilities and challenges. We see these as reasons to celebrate our shared humanity. We need to help our children see the richness of the world and see themselves as part of our world. Whilst our school community may not represent the full tapestry of the world, we need to give our children experiences that do. We help our pupils to stand up for what is right, and see that whatever their own background, they can be equally happy and successful!

What does this look like practically in our school?

  • “We Are One” days, celebrating different cultures and countries:
  • Bollywood Experience (7th Nov)
  • French Culture Day (20th March 2023)
  • Basingstoke Culture Day (14th July 2023)
  • Our curriclum subjects lay out how we promote and celebrate diversity.
  • Our worships (assemblies) cover topics such as heros, standing up for injustice, inclusion, love, respect, tolerance and being Agents of Change.
  • Our EARA group has been established and impacts our projects through determining appropriate UNHCR ‘Rights of a child’ for each project. This helps build the idea that all are valued, protected and respected.
  • We are lead partners in Basingstoke & Deane’s “Diversity and Inclusion” Partnership. See here for details!

Did you know? We have links to over 47 countries within our St Mark’s Community!