This page is for staff, volunters and governors who are completing new or annual induction.

Thank you for taking time to carry out these actions. We take safeguarding seriously; this includes any adult being aware of their responsibilities towards the school, children and other adults. All staff, governors, and volunteers need to do the steps and actions below annually.

Step 1 – Documents to read:

  1. Code of Conduct document  (governors read this document)
  2. Acceptable use of IT document.
  3. Policies including Safeguarding, Child protection and KCSIE, can be found here. (note we are still updating the Safeguarding and Child Protection 2020 document, so 2019 is the latest version). You must read and be familiar with the safeguarding, child protection and KCSIE Part One and Annex A).
  4. Covid-19 Risk Assessment (Sept 2020 return) – link to be posted soon.

Step 2 – Familiarise yourself with

Step 3 – Training is below (fire safety, moving & handling, AllergyWise, Hampshire Corporate Acceptable Use*, Prevent Safeguarding Training). Governors only need to complete the * training.

Step 4 – Child Care Disqualification form (must be completed every year). Governors do not need to do this.

Step 5 – For new staff, volunteers and governors – watch the induction video below and see the associated polices.

Step 6 –  Final Confirmation form (must be completed every year).

Please note – the training slides below are all you need. Please read through it carefully. There aren’t any quizzes, just info, and you don’t need to go to Hampshire’s pages. Just the slides/videos below. Hopefully it’s easier for all!

Fire Safety Training

Moving & Handling Training


Please click on the picture below to complete the AllergyWise programme called AlleryWise For Schools. This is to do with supporting children with allergies and Anaphylaxis. Note – you will need to register (it’s free!).


Hampshire Corporate Acceptable Use Training


Prevent – Safeguarding Training

‘Prevent’ is the government’s strategy to support those at risk of becoming radicalised or involved in extremism. Learning about prevent is a key part of our safeguarding training, which we would have covered on our INSET day. Please watch the videos in this youtube playlist. It will take about 40minutes. Have a glass of something at the same time!



Induction video and policies – for new staff members and volunteers

Please also familiarise yourself with our school policies here.