This page is for staff and regular volunters who are completing new or annual induction.

Thank you for taking time to carry out these actions. We take safeguarding seriously; this includes any adult being aware of their responsibilities towards the school, children and other adults. All staff and volunteers need to do the steps and actions below annually.

Are you a governor? Please complete these actions and confirmation form instead.

Step 1 – Everyone – About St Mark’s:

  1. Read our vision here!
  2. Get a sense of our curriclum here

Step 2- Everyone – Documents to read:

  1. Familiarise yourself with
  2. Code of Conduct document
  3. Acceptable use of IT document.
  4. Policies including Safeguarding, Child protection and KCSIE can be found here. You must read and be familiar with 2023 versions of safeguarding, child protection and KCSIE Part One and Annex B.

Step 3 – New staff and new volunteers:

  1. Watch the induction video below.
  2. Watch the safeguarding introduction YouTube videos below if you are new to safeguarding at St Mark’s.

Step 4 – Staff only – General training:

  1. Read the Staff Mobile Phone Policy
  2. Read our fire evacuation plan, see our fire exit map, and locate our fire marshall points.
  3. Fire safety – read the slides below
  4. Moving & handling – watch the video below
  5. Hampshire Corporate Acceptable Use – read the slides below
  6. Cyber Security Training – watch the video here.

Step 5 – Staff Only:

  1. Complete this prevent training  There is a certificate to download – please email to Charles.

Step 6 – Everyone:

  1. Complete the Child Care Disqualification form (must be completed every year).

Step 7 – Everyone:

Induction and Training Resources