About our governors

About Us

At St Mark’s, the governing body is composed of representatives from the staff, the local education authority, Immanuel Church, parents and the head teacher. Apart from the Head Teacher and the Immanuel Church incumbent minister, all governors are appointed for a term of 4 years. Elections are held for staff and parent governor positions when a governor term ends or a vacancy occurs. Governors have a number of legal duties as outlined by the government. These duties include having financial, personnel and curriculum management of the school, with responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the school and in the oversight of the school management.

All Governors are expected to undertake training and to attend Governing Body meetings and committee meetings, undertaking school visits and review work in support of the Governors responsibilities.  Governors are all volunteers and are unpaid for the work undertaken.

The Governing Body is led by a Chair and Vice Chair, elected annually by the Governing Body members, who work closely with the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership team.

We aim to develop a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion in which all those connected to St Mark’s feel proud of their identity and ability to participate fully in school life. Within our governing body, our governance roles are composed of approximately 92% White British and 8% non-White British.