What to do when you are looking after our farm animals

One of the aspects of our school farm is for you and your family to help look after our animals. This isn’t just about playing with the animals, but also taking part in cleaning them out and feeding them. Looking after our animals is really important.

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Key points

  • You must complete a Google Form once your visit has finished. It will be emailed to you.
  • If it’s a school day, please come in via the main reception. If it’s a weekend or school/bank holiday, use the side gate by Dandelions. We will email you the temporary code. The car-park probably won’t be available.
  • Use hand sanitiser provided before and after, and use the vinyl gloves whilst doing any cleaning.
  • You can use the water from the tank behind the shed – no need to use the Year R tap anymore!
  • If you are unable to do your slot, please find a replacement and also email us.
  • If you notice any issues (eg animals being unwell or a security or health and safety issue), please email us.
  • Please don’t post any photos of the farm on social media.
  • Ensure that you leave everything tidy and lock the shed and any gates behind you.

What are the timings? What are my options?

We’ve made changes so that you can look after the animals just before school starts or just after school finishes. At the weekends, you can do earlier/later times, too. This will help particularly with the darker mornings and evenings.

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