“We are all different and that is wonderful”

We celebrate our differences, and recognise that we are all really the same in different ways! Watch this video below to learn more about what autism means, and how it can change the way that different people’s bodies respond.



Autism affects how a person communicates with other people and how they experience the world around them. Autism is not an illness or something that goes away. It can be seen as part of what makes someone unique and special.

Sometimes people with autism find it hard to manage busy or noisy places, sometimes it affects how they communicate or express their feelings. Autism awareness helps us learn more about the different ways autism can affect people. We can all learn from each other and discover that we all see the world in a different way.

Social Communication and interaction
Some people with autism find it difficult to guess how someone might be feeling from their tone of voice or their facial expression. This can make it more difficult when they are spending time with friends and someone changes their mind or something goes wrong in a game.

Others with Autism find that keeping certain things the same can help them. Routines for particular tasks can help people to feel safe.

The world around us- Managing information from our senses
Some people with Autism find that they are very sensitive to things they feel, hear or see. Noises around them can feel overwhelming and they need to find a quiet space to calm.