Prayer Spaces

During Spring 2, as part of our ‘wellbeing and faith theme’, we had a pop up prayer space in school to supplement our other reflective spaces and those run by Immanuel Church. This was planned and run by our enthusiastic Christian Voice Ambassadors. To aid our understanding of the Christian Faith, the children planned activities around the Trinity (God as one father, son and Holy Spirit). They were keen that the activities promoted wellbeing and could be used by those of any faith and none and picked a range of activities to promote reflection or prayer.

This space was positively received by children across the school and was visited by classes and individuals during the school day and each lunchtime, as well as being popular with children and parents at parents’ evenings. It proved a wonderful way to engage children, staff and parents in the spiritual and reflective aspects of our school. When asked in worship if the children enjoyed the prayer space and would like to see another one in future, there was a sea of hands making clear their enjoyment of this space. Here are some of the parents’ and pupils’ words:

‘I’m so pleased that you have this prayer space in school. My son has told me all about it and has really enjoyed using the space. I wish you had one all of the time!’

‘I loved making the bracelets because the three beads helped me remember God the father, son and Holy Spirit and the star helped me know how special I am to God.’

‘I liked ‘being the light’ by writing positive messages to support my friends on the scratch boards. It was nice to feel I was helping someone with my prayer.’

‘The reconciliation zips were cool and helped me to make up with my friend when we did it together.’

‘I loved weightlifting my worries because it helped me to make up with my friend when we did it together.’

‘The whole space helped me to feel relaxed and calm. I felt much better when I left than when I arrived.’

‘I felt so much calmer and closer to God.’

‘Writing my name on God’s hands and seeing how unique my fingerprint is made me feel really special.’