Young Carers

A Young Carer (YC) is a child who has an extra responsibility in looking after a parent or sibling, above and beyond what the majority of children would have to do. For example, a YC might have to:

  • Help mum or dad get dressed or help them move around the house.
  • Do the washing, cooking or other chores as their parent is unable to do them.
  • Get their brothers or sisters ready for school and make their lunches.

Of course, this isn’t true for all YC’s, but these activities give you a feel of what life might be like.

At St Mark’s we recognise that some of our pupils are YC’s, and we want to celebrate and support them as they go about their extra duties. Starting Easter 2018, we are running a weekly club where YC’s can have lunch together, play games together and realise that they are not on their own. We support them pastorally and help them enjoy being a child. We also hope to go on a trips together.

If you would like to find out more, please speak to Mr Applegate, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Alsey, Mrs Greer or Mrs Bennett.

To find out about a day in the life of Daniel, a YC, watch this video: