School Uniform


  • Please make sure that all items of clothing and other belongings are clearly named.
  • School bags should be purchased here – details here for options.
  • Only the school jumper needs to be ordered at Skoolkit, although logo’d polo-shirts are also available. Other school items can be purchased from other sources (e.g. supermarkets). See this Skoolkit flyer for an 2024 Summer prices and 10% discount (see the Skoolkit website for latest prices). 

Second Hand Uniform

blankHave you spotted our purple uniform bins at the school gates? We accept donations of good condition school jumpers and cardigans and clean and check them ready to re-home.

If you would like to find out which sizes and conditions we currently have please contact us:

Jumpers and cardigans cost £2 and all funds go straight back to the school! Plus we are helping the environment by recycling!

Look out for a uniform stall at one of our next events too.

Daily Wear (required)

  • Jade green sweatshirt or cardigan, all with school logo
  • White shirt, blouse or polo shirt – plain or with school logo
  • Grey trousers/shorts.
  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress
  • Green striped or checked dress for summer
  • Strong sensible BLACK shoes or sandals (no trainers or boots please). Sandals may be worn in the summer months but should be either white or black in colour, have straps that securely hold feet in place and not be made of fabric. Socks must be worn.
  • Outside coat (with hood if possible)

PE (required)

  • Navy or black shorts. Jogging bottoms for outside in cold weather (leggings are fine too).
  • PE skirts with cycling-style shorts are acceptable.
  • White t-shirt. Please also wear the school jumper to school on PE days. Football shirts are not acceptable as PE kit.
  • Trainers for all children.
  • Children should wear PE kit to school on the days that they have PE.
  • Children should tie back any long hair for safety reasons.

Water Bottles

Children are allowed to bring in water bottles from home. These should be for water only (ie no squash or fizzy drinks). Water bottles should have minimal branding. They must not be coke bottles, Prime bottles, or other drink-branded bottles.

School Bags

See here for details on school bags.


We would prefer children not to wear earrings at school because of Health and Safety issues. If, however, you want your child to wear them, they must be one pair of studs only and must be removed by your child or covered with tape for PE. No other form of body piercing is allowed.


No jewellery should be worn for school. The wearing of any items of cultural or medical significance should first be discussed with the Headteacher.


If a watch is worn at school it is the responsibility of your child. Whilst electronic watches are allowed, watches with a camera are not allowed. Children must not access the internet or network through their watches.


Please don’t shave designs into your child’s hair- this isn’t part of our policy. Mohawks are not allowed. Hair styles should neat and smart, and not interrupt the learning or the safety of pupils.