Welcome to WebReps

Webreps have been chosen to work on the school website. They each apply for the role of WebRep by submitting an application form. The qualities needed for the job are: to love writing, to enjoy working with computers, to represent their year group via the website and to have ideas and enthusiasm for making the school website look fantastic! WebRep is short for website reporter/representative.

WebReps meet together once a week with Mrs Cooper and Mrs Robinson to work on the website.

Year 2 – Samuel

Hello, my name is Samuel. I am in year 2. I am 6 years old. My favourite lessons are art and maths and my friend is called Ben. When I am at home I like to play board games, I especially like Monopoly Junior, Game of Life and Pig goes Pop. My favourite dinner is spaghetti bolognese and my favourite pudding is chocolate cake. I enjoy being part of Hatch Warren Beavers. My favourite sports are hockey and football, and I play both of them out of school.

Year 3 – Sophie

Hi my name is Sophie. I am 8. My class is 3B and my teacher is Miss Barnett. She is very nice. I have a little sister who is four and her name is Chloe. I like lots of different things that have to do with computers like computer games and I also like writing on the computer. My favourite colour is pink and my favourite subjects are art, maths and English. At home I have two cats called Bumble and Gizmo.

Year 4 – Connor

I am 9 years old. My favourite colours are green and red. I have 2 cats called Twinkle and Twilight they are super cute. They are really funny because they are scared of marrows and snakes! I have a big sister she is in year 9 at secondary school. I love eating pizza, pasta and beans. My favourite sports are rugby, football and dodge ball. I play contact rugby for Basingstoke rugby football club. Contact rugby is where you tackle people instead of tagging them. My favourite animal is a puppy. My favourite subjects at school are maths and PE. I am really good at drawing, writing and competing against other people. My friends are called Luca and Taeg and Grace.

Year 5 – Tilly

Hi my name is Tilly and I’m 10 years old. I love being a Webrep because it is fun and I get to type up all about year 5 and how amazing it is. I’m in class 5H and my teacher is called Mrs Happy and she is kind and very encouraging . My favourite colour is purple and I have an older brother and an older sister. I have three cats called Oskar ,Harriet and Rosebud I also have two guinea pigs called Rex and Mushroom.  My favourite food is cheesy macaroni cheese and I do dance out of school on a Tuesday.

Year 5 – Imogen

Hi, my name is Imogen. I am nine years old and my favourite colours are turquoise and maroon but it may change in the future. The class I’m in is 5C and my advice is to try and be in that class. My teacher, Miss Cox, is so much fun! I have two siblings: one brother and one sister. My absolute favourite food is margarita pizza topped with bits of cooked-plain chicken. When I am a grown-up I would like to be is a teacher. The teachers in my school, St Marks Primary School, have really inspired me to be one. Webreps is so much fun because of changing the school website and putting new ideas on it. This super-duper fun job will be in my heart forever.

Year 6 – Chloe

Hi, I am Chloe and I’m 11 years old. I enjoy having  the responsibilities in Year 6; one of them (that I have done for several years) is being a WebRep. My favourite things in WebReps are doing interviews and updating the website. I have a younger brother – in Year 3 – and many friends throughout the whole school.  I enjoy being part of 4th Hatch Warren Guides and play Netball every Thursday. Pasta and cheesy garlic bread are definitely my favourite foods; with my favourite drink being pineapple juice. I am part of 6D, with my teacher being Miss Durling. I look forward to experiencing new things and taking part in events in Year 6. I love looking after my 6 pets : 2 guinea pigs – LuLu and Flash and 4 fish.