Changing Our World – Children’s Posters

We set our children the challenge, “What’s the biggest problem in our world today?”. Here are a few examples of what they came up with.

Eco Committee Update

blankAs part of our Eco project for this term, we are thinking about the single-use plastic we use every day.

The children have all started collecting their plastic from lunches and in the classroom. The Eco Committee will be putting  the plastic into 2L bottles to make eco bricks for us to create something with. This is a really good opportunity to demonstrate to the children how much plastic we use.

If you’re interested in finding out more at home, you can visit
While we encourage you to explore this at home, please refrain from brining your eco bricks into school. The website has lots of ideas of how to use your bricks.

St Marks Wildlife After School Club

The St Marks Wildlife After School Club has had a busy springtime, discovering minibeasts, creating nesting rings and feeders for the birds, using natural materials such as sticks to make stick-people and lanterns and undertook a woodworking challenge to create a hibernation box for a hedgehog, spanning several weeks. The children persevered screwing in every single screw themselves and choose a wonderful quiet spot on the school site to place the box ready for autumn. The After School Club aims to give the children an opportunity to learn and discover about wildlife on their doorstep, spending as much time as possible outside exploring. The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s Outdoor Leader, Kate Barrett, has really enjoyed running the After School Club along with volunteers and is looking forward to a busy summer programme!