World Book Day

We had a fantastic day on Thursday, celebrating the world of books. We started with parents joining children in school for our Bookie Breakfast. A fantastic atmosphere! The children made a fantastic effort with their costumes – very creative. Many classes enjoyed a snippet of a Matilda performance written by our very own Mrs Chapman and Mrs Bridle. Our pupils ‘dressed a door’ as a book, too – see our website. Other activities included writing a postcard to Mr Applegate about how their favourite book character demonstrates one our of school values or learning behaviours. A busy – but fantastic – day 🙂

Careers Fair 2019

A huge thank you to all of our contributors at our first-ever Careers Fair. The children were magnificent- see the photos and quotes below!

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit the school and meet the wonderful pupils. Their enthusiasm and curiosity was evident for all to see; there was a great atmosphere throughout the event.”

“All of the children were polite, respectful and keen to learn about our work. It was good to hear that some of the pupils already had an understanding of learning disability and autism and the support that someone may need but it was good to raise that awareness in others too.”

“So many of the children had fantastic aspirations from becoming footballers, dance teachers, doctors, nurses and even Vets. There was a lovely young lady who even said she wanted to work to help people with anxiety and depression which showed great compassion and kindness towards others.”

“The children were very polite, enthusiastic and inquisitive – they asked some very good questions. All of which added to our enjoyment of the morning and we would love to come back again.”

“The buzz of the event in the hall was really good! I liked seeing how the children interacted with all of the adults in a positive and polite manner. So many smiling faces says a lot about the success of the event!”

“My favourite question from one of your year four students was “who was your first inspiration for what you do and why” – a really well thought out question!”

“We all thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and were so impressed with the manners of all of the children who came to see us. They asked relevant questions, listened attentively to our replies and all asked permission before taking any of our freebies.”

“I was really impressed with the questions the children asked, how attentively they listened and their genuine interest in what they could learn about Occupational Therapy.”

“I was impressed with the Christian ethos of the school, from the start. In the Fair the children were showed interest, asked intelligent and relevant questions and listened politely to my replies and narratives, even when I may have droned on a bit. I hope that they were able to appreciate that helping others is rewarding and fun, for all involved.”

Hockey Games

Well done to our school hockey players!

The blue team (Nayra, Ellie, Dylan, Thomas, Emily, Cian, Benjamin) won 4/4 games on Thursday – fingers crossed the 12 points scored will bump us higher up in the league!

The green team (Georgia, Ashton, Miguel, Rhys, Ruby, Summer, Poppy) lost 1, drew 1 and won 2 with one of the matches 4-0 to us!

Both teams played amazingly, showing such resilience and clearly demonstrated how ‘No way through isn’t true’ even in the pouring rain!

We have one more competition left and need to get into the top two in the league to go through to the Hampshire Games.

Air Pollution Project Begins

Today our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) and Eco-Committee joined forces to begin an investigation into air pollution around our school. Along with other schools and organisations, we hope to see what the quality of air is like, and use this information to help spur everyone onto to living in a cleaner, healthier environment.

Maria Miller MP, Cllr Stephen Reid, and Jean MacGory and Kirstie Green from Hampshire Travel Planning met with us as we learned about why clean air is important, and how transport and the environment can have a impact on this. Watch this space for more info.