Half Term Homework

After half term, we will start rehearsals for our Easter Production ‘The Best is Yet to Come.’  There will be many roles as part of the production including speaking and singing parts.  Over half term, we would like you to prepare your audition piece.  There is the option to audition on your own or in a small group.  You can choose who is in your small group and they can be from any Year 4 class.  Remember to project your voice clearly and do add any acting you think is relevant to the role!

The auditions will take place on Wednesday 26th February at 1:30pm.

We look forward to hearing your auditions!

Solo-speaking Audition Script

Jesus: Mary, I came to show people how to live a life that pleases God. Some have heard about me, some have not. My prayer is that in time more people will come to know and love me. I am now going to heaven to be with God, my father. I will send my spirit to be with you. This is just the beginning; the best is yet to come!!!

Group-speaking Audition Script

Mary 1: Why did it happen, Elizabeth? Why did they crucify my child?

Elizabeth: I don’t know, Mary. He was such a good man.

Mary 1: (wailing) Jesus, Jesus my son!

(The 2 guards move forward to come behind Mary and Elizabeth.)

Guard 4: Move along, get out of here!

Guard 5: Leave her alone. She’s his mother!

Guard 6: (pointing to a group of shepherds) Well they’re just shepherds, they can go!

(Guards move shepherds off stage and go back to guarding the tomb)