Prayer Points No. 6

Thank you for taking time to pray for our school and community.

We are thankful for:

  • For the togetherness of our school community and God’s protection as we have gone through the past 2 years of covid.
  • The sense of spring – warmer weather, new life springing up and the beauty of the natural world around us.

We ask God:

  • To help us as we rebuild many parts of our school into a new normal – ie post Covid – keeping what has been better than before, bring back what has been missed, and managing the change of doing things differently. Also, helping children, parents, and staff as we go into this new phase.
  • For wisdom – to help us settle any nerves and questions as the children hear more and more about the war in Ukraine – that we manage that safely according to what the children can understand.
  • For children affected by loved ones who are unwell due to cancer, or who been bereaved.
  • To provide financially and for widsom as we enter into the new financial year – planning budgets and providing for our children in the best way possible.